Dexter Goes Western!

Just a small update. Not much new to report with Mr. Dexter. I have continued to work him once or twice a week. He is now generally pretty consistantly in the contact and we are working on “long and low” in the canter. Now that we’re past the SAFE show, I am hoping to work him into my lesson rotation so we can start making some bigger strides of progress. Who knows, maybe he’ll even make an appearance at a september schooling show.

We made the decision to pasture Dexter alone. He has buddies nearby but he gets overly attached to mares and tends to pick on geldings. He seems to be ok with this arrangement and is much easier to handle when he’s not worrying about “his” mare or chasing someone off.

Mostly, I wanted to share a few pictures from this summer. Jaime rode him on a trail ride towards the begining of the summer. He, was a super star. Happily charging along at the head of the pack– ears pricked forward, happy as could be.

Dexter was also the star of our western style photo shoot, courtesy of Monica Bretherton and co-consipirator Jet Parret. Kelli Jordan was kind enough to loan us some blingy tack, a few items from her amazing wardrobe, not to mention her expertise in the subject matter. The goals for this shoot were to demonstrate the versatility of our horses and show off the beautiful Troxxel “Rowdy” helmets, generously donated for our SAFE rider campaign. Since our core group of volunteer riders tend towards the english discipline it’s rare that our horses are featured in western tack. We also received several Troxxel “Rowdy” helmets as a donation and promised photos of them. As you can see– both goals were easily accomplished. Thanks to Monica, Jet and Kelli for a fun diversion from the norm!

Monica blogged about our adventure here:

You can see all the photos here:!/media/set/?set=a.10150251036703301.322002.122967233300&type=1

Photos of both events are attached. Enjoy!

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