How You Can Help

Volunteer with SAFE

What’s it like to volunteer with SAFE? Read what our volunteers have to say about their experiences!

Most of the SAFE horses reside at our main facility in Monroe WA. SAFE volunteers perform various duties at the farm including feeding, stall and paddock cleaning, filling water buckets, grooming, turnout, and other tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. For the most part, we do not offer riding opportunities for volunteers, as the majority of our horses are special needs horses which are unsuitable for amateur riders.

In addition to chores, we often need help with processing adoption applications, checking references and doing site visits/follow-up visits. We also have a few events throughout the year which need the assistance of volunteers. The SAFE Benefit Horse Show held every August will need many volunteers, both on the day of the show and during the planning process. And SAFE can always use help with its fundraising efforts.

Another great way to help SAFE is to become a Foster Home for a horse. To learn more about the Foster Care program, please click here.

If you are interested in volunteering with SAFE, please fill out the following form. Debi, our Volunteer Coordinator is happy to work with you to determine where you best fit in. She can be reached at

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*due to liability issues, we cannot have children under the age of 13 on the premises of SAFE during volunteer shifts. Our younger supporters are welcome to visit during Open Houses and other events.

Be a part of a horse rescue by sponsoring a SAFE horse

We’ve probably all wished we could own a SAFE horse at one time or another. I’ve always wished I could adopt that little devil Sinatra, just so I could see him grow up. (Assuming he ever does!) But I have two horses of my own, and at this point in my life, I can’t make a commitment to a third one.

So I can’t own a SAFE horse — but I can make one “mine” by sponsoring. I can’t afford much, but the $10 per month that I donate adds up to $120 per year…and that’s a contribution I can be proud of. Best part is, that by setting up an automatic monthly payment, I don’t really notice the donations going out, but I do notice the impact they have when I see the SAFE horses growing strong and healthy.

Sponsoring a SAFE horse is so easy. The button below will take you to a secure page where you can sign up using a Visa or MasterCard. If you’d prefer to use your PayPal account, that option is available as well. Another option is to use the bill payer function offered by your bank online to have a check sent to SAFE automatically each month. Whichever way you choose, you’ll be a valued member of our mission and together, we can make a real difference for horses that need us.

Introducing our Herd Members

It Takes a Herd to Save a Horse and this is our Herd: the people who have joined us in our work to rehabilitate neglected and unwanted horses. These people have all made a commitment to support SAFE with a monthly donation, giving us the type of sustainable support we need. Some of these are new friends and many have been part of our herd for a long time. But we are so grateful to every one of them.

Laurie T Gwendolyn M Karen H Susanne M
Liz M Kim P Kacie S Kari N
Lynn M Chris H Shyla B Karyn C
Jane L Beth G Jerri R Ruth K
Maureen E Suvi L Megan W Kara S
Toby S Diane M Andrea C Yaffa C
Catherine C Kim C Brittney S Randi F
Bonnie H Serita L Theresa Cheryl C
Caitlin H Rosana L Victoria G Jeanne L
Margaret C Margaret S Mara A Daniel K
Beth A Marilyn M Celine L Karen K
Laura R Julie M Donna G Charity W
Carol A Whitney W Lys H Brandi H
Anne B Gelene L Carla S Jeannette P
Lara L Cari P Elizabeth S Maureen S
Roxane K Abby S Irene M Tahnya H
Renee S Sharman C Tami M Sara E
Maria M Justin S Andrea L Carolyn W
Leslianne C Valerie V Jennie L Christine H
Anita F Andrew F Carly R Danielle B
Tracy G Jane M Elizabeth S
Catherine H Julie W Jessica M
Amy S Betsy G Rosemarie K
Betsy B Anita F Amara S
Kathleen D Shannon D Lori P
Rebecca R Michelle B Lisabeth O
Vicki G Edna G Marian V
Marcie G Patricia M Eileen M
Cara M Heidi S Eve T