Einstein Finds a Family!

Einstein and Michel
Einstein and Michel

We are excited to tell everyone that Einstein is on an adoption trial. He has settled into the farm and is getting to know the other family horses…Strider and Skye! Yes you heard me right, Michel contacted SAFE soon after Einstein had been rescued. She has been looking for a light riding companion to add to their farm and thought this bay boy might fit in well with a few other bays! After SAFE had some time to put weight on him and evaluate him as a riding horse, Michel and her daughter Corrine, Skye’s adopter, came to take him for a test ride. He was a perfect gentleman and worked well them. Michel came again a few weeks later and took a lesson with visiting clinician Michael Sparling. She was clearly smitten with Mr. Einstein and couldn’t hide the big smile on her face and how happy she was to be riding him.

Einstein is not without faults and his confirmation limits him to light work and some considerations have to be made for his overall stiffness. He left SAFE still needing a lot of attention for the rehabilitation of his hooves, which on average can take 6 month to a year to completely sort out. In consideration of this, we have given Michel and extended adoption trial period to see that he can hold up to the work that she will be asking of him. It is important to us that the match is right for both of them.

I spoke with Michel earlier this week and 30 days into the trail she is happy with him and said that he fits well into the herd. They have been able to turn him out in the field with Skye and they are all getting along well. Their neighbor Barbara adopted Kai earlier this year and so the SAFE bay alumni are truly taking over the neighborhood! We are happy this trial is going well and they are taking their time to get to know him and get his farrier work inline. He is one of the sweetest boys we’ve had and SAFE is lucky to have this amazing family caring for him.

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