Fall Work Party Photos

We’re giddy with all the amazing work that was accomplished on Saturday at the Volunteer Work Party. About 40 people came out to dig, saw, invent, organize, clean, scrape, wash, pull, and make Safe Harbor Stables shine for the ponies. A marvelous time was had by all, as proven by these photos. THANK YOU to everyone who made this day a success!!

(click a photo below to view a slideshow!)

Cameo: Health Update

It has been 3 months since Cameo’s torn hamstring injury. She has been doing well for her rehab and time off. She was allowed out of her stall rest and put into a stall with a run. We have steadily increased her hand walks to 30 minutes. She also has been quiet enough to take…Continue Reading

Jewel’s new shoes

Jewel has doing well in her training and riding work with shoes on for the last 6 weeks. Our farrier Marla Karabinos was out yesterday to put a new set on. We discovered that she has a pretty significant bruise along the outside of her right front foot under the shoe. This is her high angled “club”…Continue Reading

Karma: Health Update

We got some exciting news from Dr. Fleck on Karma’s recheck ultrasound. The check ligament is laying down new tissue and healing well! Part of the rehab for this injury will be to begin to “load the leg” by slowly increasing Karma’s work. We’ll begin by adding 5 minutes of trot to her 30 minutes…Continue Reading

Scarlett: Health Update

Scarlett has continued to be a good girl for her handwalking rehab. She shows signs of being very stiff in her hocks. We are continuing to monitor her through her rehab and look for ways to make her more comfortable. We recently had a new set of shoes put on Scarlett and Marla Karabinos made some…Continue Reading