Freedom at last!

Yesterday was another big day for Anakin! Following his eye doctor appointment and a sponge bath, he got to go out into his run for the first time ever! His exercise has been strictly controlled in order to keep him from burning too many calories, but the racehorse in Anakin has been itching to get out. Dr Mollat gave us the go-ahead today to let him outside during the day, provided he stays relatively calm. Expressions of joy are permitted and encouraged!

An Appointment with the Opthomologist

While Anakin’s weight has steadily been improving since his rescue in early December, his left eye has become more and more cloudy. The pressure in the eye has been monitored by his veterinarians, and it was recommended that we have him examined by an equine eye specialist. Yesterday’s appointment confirmed what we had feared: it’s…Continue Reading

The Heart of SAFE

Anyone who has ever owned a horse, ridden a horse, or even just spent time around horses knows just how much work goes into it. There’s no such thing as an easy day at a barn. Even mundane daily tasks take energy and effort. No one understand this more than SAFE. Safe Harbor Stables is staffed entirely by volunteers. Yup, you read that…Continue Reading

Introducing Lisa Garr, Weekend Barn Manager at Safe Harbor

As SAFE grows, we continually find ourselves wanting to do more for the horses in our care. Compared to even just three years ago, the amount of daily activity and labor at Safe Harbor has easily doubled. Every day we have volunteers cleaning stalls, throwing hay, and bagging grain…turning horses out and bringing them back in…grooming, blanketing, and wrapping legs…soaking hooves and…Continue Reading

Seattle Times: After donations, sick horse Anakin making steps towards recovery

After donations, sick horse Anakin making steps towards recovery Originally published February 2, 2016 By Jessica Lee, Seattle Times staff reporter Click here to view story on Seattle Times website The story of Thoroughbred Anakin, found neglected in Western Washington in December, spread across the country last month, striking a chord with horse lovers who…Continue Reading