Foster Update– Rocky

We just got a nice update on Rocky from his foster mom Kellie: “Rocky has been out a couple more times in turnout. I am only putting him out when I can watch him for now. Unfortunately, we had to put down his “neighbor” on Monday, so, Rocky has now moved to the other side of the main barn with 2 new girlfriends. He is moving around quite a bit which is good. He has a bit more room to walk. Every time I brush him, he rolls. Apparently he is channeling Pigpen!!

Rocky loves Felina (the older mare next door) and has a love/hate relationship with Cardi (the younger mare next door).   They make faces at each other and trot and swing their heads.  Nothing stupid and only around meals.  Both horses are food protective with other horses nearby.  Good exercise for Rocky!  He is looking a bit stronger.”

Here are some pictures of him in turnout. Looks like he is managing just fine with the grazing muzzle. This is essential for him due to his Cushings diagnosis. He is happy to get out in the turnout and the muzzle allows him to get the movement but not the sugar in the grass which would be very bad for his health. It is good for us to know that he will tolerate having the muzzle on. Some horses have a difficult time accepting it but it doesn’t seem to be stopping Rocky from enjoying his turnout!


Training Update: Oscar

Here’s Oscar looking like a million bucks with Melonie Rainey in the saddle. We got an update recently from Melonie, who reports, “Oscar is doing excellent! But.…it’s up and down. He can be a real booger. He started bucking WAY too frequently with Zack [Melonie’s student], so I have been riding him. He does just…Continue Reading

Get well, Anderson!

Anderson is experiencing some complications related to his gelding surgery. He has increased swelling and general discomfort along with slightly depressed attitude. He was started on antibiotics today, and this will delay his discharge from Cedarbrook Vet Care. We’d like to have his teeth floated and his vaccinations done before he leaves, but since a…Continue Reading

Nala the Wonder Horse

What a difference a pair of shoes can make! Nala is doing much better in her new shoes donated by our farrier Jake Cowden. She is much more balanced and comfortable with a rider over the last two weeks since the shoes were put on. We took her on 3 trail rides this last month…Continue Reading

Our darling Bridgit!

The nickering QUEEN! There is not a lot about this cute little mare’s personality that won’t make you fall absolutely head over heels in LOVE with her! She is the type of girl that when you come up to her stall or her turnout paddock, she will come RUNNING to greet you. She LOVES to…Continue Reading