It gets better

How’s this for an amazing transformation? On the left, Rocky at intake, Sept 2014. On the right, Rocky today. He’s come so far and overcome so much, but Rocky is still very, very unsure about people, especially strangers. We’re looking at bringing him back to Safe Harbor to start working on his socialization skills. But it’s great to see him looking so healthy! Our sincere thanks to Kellie Larson for providing him with such great care in foster, and to farrier Jim Bergevin who has donated Rocky’s rehabilitative hoof care, essentially making it possible for this horse to go on living. He’s a lucky horse.


Marta and Shay greet springtime

Spring has sprung, apparently, and what better way to celebrate than letting the ponies into the pasture! Yesterday Marta and Shay enjoyed a very serious bit of rolling and then took off and galloped a few laps around the pasture. Their foster mom Eileen took this video afterward. “Turns out there is a woodpecker who…Continue Reading

Einstein Intake Photos

Einstein is a 15 year old Quarter Horse gelding seized by Animal Control for lack of care. He’s already gained about 50 pounds since he was taken from his home, and he’s starting to shed his scruffy starvation coat. His hooves are going to need a lot more care as they were very flared with…Continue Reading