Khianna: Training Update

Volunteer Rider Erika fills us in on her work with Khianna this past month: “Recently, I started working with Khianna, a sweet, beautiful mare. Though she is a bit wary of new things, and still thinks the flag might eat her, our time working together has helped her feel more secure.  It still takes five to…Continue Reading

A photography session with Marta and Shay

Recently, Jessica, a volunteer and foster committee member, spent the morning with Marta, Shay and their foster mom Eileen Carol.  Eileen also volunteers as SAFE’s Foster Coordinator.  I asked Jessica to tell me a little bit about her recent visit. Here are the kind words she had to say about the girls: “My visit with Marta…Continue Reading

Nala’s rehab…time for a saddle!

Nala has been great about both her stall rest and being hand walked.  After reviewing her progress with Dr. Devine at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital, we decided it was time to start the next phase of Nala’s rehab plan. We began riding her for 20 minutes at the walk.  The added weight will increase the load on…Continue Reading

Stella: Training Update

Just for a little fun, I decided to work Stella in a Dressage saddle this week.  She did very well and was comfortable to sit the trot and canter in the English tack.  She is learning to keep a nice rhythm and cadence in her gaits.  When she gets troubled, it takes just a little re-balancing work…Continue Reading