May 21st is “Give Your Former Stallion a Bath” Day

anderson_05_21_2015Here’s Dr Hannah, teaching Anderson the joys of bathing on a warm day in late Spring! This was a great learning moment for our former wild stallion…and as it turned out, a learning moment for all of us as well. Although Anderson had been checked carefully for lice — and none had been found — lice were lurking and apparently they did NOT appreciate bath day all that much. So May 21st was also “Lice Dust Your New Intakes” Day, although that’s a holiday that probably won’t catch on, outside of SAFE.

Training Update: Karma

It has been a few weeks of firsts for Karma: her first time jumping all the way into the trailer, her first trail ride as a SAFE horse, and her very first show! Trailer loading has been a challenge for Karma since the day we picked her up but we have had an amazing break through…Continue Reading


Baby girl is back at Safe Harbor! I would say that we missed her but I’m not sure the neighbors were too happy she was home. She spent the first two days (and nights) calling for her bestie Jewel, who was stalled in the other barn. It was a bit of an adjustment being separated…Continue Reading

Training Update: Kai

Kai is going very nicely for trainer Joel Conner in Vancouver WA. He’s made some great improvements, both in the ground work and riding over the course of his tune up training. There was a little setback a few weeks back when Kai cut his chin while playing over the fence. He is a playful…Continue Reading

What a Jewel!

It may or may not be a secret but I LOVE this little mare SO much! She has grown into the cutest little quarter horse mare. She looks like a little miniature version of Finn and we all love his nice hindquarters! We recently brought both Jewel and Stella in from foster for a little…Continue Reading