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*Cameo would be suitable for a balanced rider (and tack) weighing up to 191-239 lbs max.

Cameo is one of 39 horses seized by Pierce County Animal Control after they were discovered living in filthy, deplorable conditions, trapped in stalls and paddocks piled high with their own waste, in barns with no light and no ventilation. The horses were in large part unhandled and they suffered from a lack of vet and farrier care. Because she did not receive proper handling and training, Cameo was quite wild and difficult to handle when she arrived at SAFE. But with kind and patient handling, she has learned to trust us. She made slow but steady progress working with trainer Brittney Stewart and learned to be safely caught, haltered, led, and groomed. Brittney introduced her to the bridle and bit, and in early September, she left for training with Andrea Lucianna. Going to training was initially a difficult experience for Cameo, but Andrea worked with her very slowly and carefully, and gained her trust and acceptance. Thanks to a grant from the ASPCA Equine Fund, we were able to keep Cameo in training for more than 6 months, giving her the time that she needed. When she graduated from training in April 2014, she was going nicely at all three gaits.

Cameo is available for adoption to an experienced rider who is willing to take the time to form a bond with this lovely mare. She has successfully been to her first show and routinely goes out on the local trails with and without other horses. Establishing her trust is the first step to a lifetime of friendship with Cameo — she is ready for her new life to begin.

Video: Cameo June 2017

Trail horses available for adoption!

Here at SAFE, we are enjoying the wonderful sunshine by exploring the trails at Farrel-McWhirter Park next door. The horses love to get outside and get a break from arena work. Last week, both King and Stevie went out for their first trail rides and did perfect! We had a nice steady group to help them along, with Anderson in the lead and Cameo bringing up the rear. You can bet we’ll be enjoying many warm days this summer walking in the cool forest with these horses. They all are amazing and more than ready for new homes!

Photo Update: Cameo

Cameo’s Horse Show Debut

What a superstar Cameo was for her first show! She looked great and continues to amaze us this year. Lindsay is doing great with her training and not only got Cameo comfortable with the trailer but also has taken her on a few trail rides! Cameo is ready to meet prospective adopters! Are you ready to take her home?

Show Update: Cameo & Jewel

This past weekend Cameo and Jewel went to their first show of the season at the ride and review at Hollywood Hills Saddle Club. It was Cameo’s first show and she did amazing! Her volunteer rider Lindsay has been working on her trailer skills and our little frightened Arabian mare did a fabulous job. She has really grown up!

The ride and review was a great start to the show year. They were able to run through their tests and then had a 30 minute lesson with the judge. Both riders said that the feedback from the judge was great and they felt really good about how the horses did and what they can work on for next time. Here are some photos of girls during their lesson:

Jewel and Casey:

Cameo & Lindsay:

Cameo: Joel Conner Clinic Update

This was Lindsay’s first clinic with Joel and Cameo. They did very well and it was a great experience for Cameo. Here is what Lindsay had to say about Cameo in the clinic:

Cameo was a very good girl in the Joel clinic! She started out a little tense — lots of people and horses — but the exercises really helped her balance and settle in mind and body. We did lots of one rein stops, moving hindquarters and forequarters, backing, and working on a loose rein. Trying to work on listening to my seat, getting her off the forehand, and not taking flight! Cameo is smart, sweet, sensitive and spunky and she puts 100% in everything she does. Overall, it was a positive learning experience for both of us and we have plenty work yet to do but I’m excited to continue practicing these techniques in my work with her!


Below: Cameo and Prince work well in close quarters! Who would ever believe that Cameo would allow something like this! Amazing progress!!!!


Training & Health Update: Cameo

Cameo is coming along really well in her rehab work and she is now ready for the weight of a rider. Volunteer rider Lindsay was excited to help Cameo take this next step and helped her have a happy and easy ride. Here is a video of her first ride back:


Training Update: Cameo

Cameo was a doll at the last open house, making new friends with everyone who stopped in to see her. She loves her outside stall where she can see all that is going on at the farm and has her buddy Stella always within sight. The volunteer riders have been working steadily to get her strong and ready to ride. She has been working on trot poles and is up to 20 mins of trot work with saddling. She has been quiet and has a great work expression. We will be looking to saddling her and adding rider weight and increasing the trot under saddle over the next month. Here is a little bit from her training workout on Monday with volunteer rider Erika:

“Cam looked so great today! We did our walking and trotting with the K&S on…We went back over to the mounting block and practiced having weight over the back, having the saddle jiggle, and having the stirrups moving around at her sides. She did GREAT!!!!”


Cameo’s Ten Friends:

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