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Liver Chestnut
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1065 lbs
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Vida is one of five horses surrendered to SAFE after their owner passed away unexpectedly.

Vida: Joel Conner Clinic Update

Here is what Sara had to say about working with Vida in the clinic:

This was my first time working with Vida, and I was very impressed by this mare. She has a lot of try, and was always paying attention to my feel (even if she did not always respond to it physically). Her main areas that need work are becoming less stiff in her front leg yields in the circle (she currently hops when forced to move quickly, which is cute but not graceful). She also needs more work responding to the handler’s feel when stopping and backing while leading, though this was something I saw her improve on between the first and second days. Her disposition is incredibly sweet, and I think she is going to make a sturdy, reliable and fun riding horse.

Training update and Video: Vida

Here is an update of Vida’s progress from her volunteer rider, Jolene:

Vida got her first lesson in tying yesterday. She did really good. Only pulled once and though she meant it, she came off it and was really good. While she was tied I worked on taming that wild mane of hers. She will need to work on standing for some time since she starts to be come impatient and paws the ground. She was good for the spray conditioner too.

Below is a video of their 3rd ride together and photos:

Joel Conner Clinic Report: King & Vida

Volunteer rider and trainer Jolene D has been working with both King and Vida to get them ready to saddle up and ride. Here is her report from our recent Joel Conner clinic:


I had a wonderful time working King in the clinic this past weekend. It was the perfect opportunity to help him work through some of his fears. There was so much going on all around him. Everyone was using flags, horses were constantly moving around, there was even a mini getting worked! He struggled with knowing where to focus. I tried to make being with me and working with me the most comfortable place for him. At first, his thoughts felt like they were ping-ponging around the arena. As I started reinforcing for him that all the other commotion was nothing to be concerned about, he became more consistent and relaxed in his maneuvers. I believe this will be a key concept for him moving forward. 



This is a really sweet horse. A couple days before the clinic she became sensitive to pressure behind her poll. She started rearing. There was no intent behind it, she was just stuck. She did not know that she could relieve the pressure she felt by just moving forward. The more we work with her to get her feet unstuck, the less likely she will ever feel the need to rear again. She made so much progress during the clinic. I can’t wait to see how calm and centered she becomes.

Here are some photos of Vida getting worked at the clinic:

Intake Photos

Prince, Rico, Vida, Rosie, and Ruckus were surrendered to SAFE after their owner passed away unexpectedly from cancer. The five horses were transported without incident to a SAFE foster home, where they will remain until their quarantine period is over. We’ve been told that the four full-sized horses are well started under saddle and some are very easy to ride. They all seem to be very well mannered and reasonably healthy. The five together make up a lovely little herd, and we’ve really enjoyed watching them interact with each other.







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