Nora moves to Safe Harbor

Sweet Nora arrived at Safe Harbor Stables today after her foster home needed to lower the workload at home. Nora jumped right into the trailer without trouble to make the trip to Redmond. For her daily turnout routine, and because Nora does not like to be alone, she was introduced to a small herd of horses: Vida, Rosie, and Prince. She was respectful of Vida, the herd leader, and cautiously settled into the field with them. So far, so good.

Herd Health Manager and volunteer rider Melinda spent some time with Nora this evening to do a little groundwork and check out her ground manners. Because of a bone chip in her hock, Nora cannot be ridden but it is still important that horses respect their handlers. We need to ensure that our volunteers will be able to safely work with her. It’s been a number of years since Nora was at SAFE, so a refresher is always a good idea. Here is was Melinda had to say about getting re-acquainted with Nora:

What a sweet girl! I remember her from before but not very well. She was a doll tonight. We focused on leading, backing, and “personal bubbles.” She was very responsive and caught on quickly to what I wanted from her. I also worked her with the flag a bit. She was flighty about it at first but then settled easily. This will need a tiny bit of work.

At the end of our session I gave her a bath. No problems there. I’m glad she’s back home. She’s a nice mare!

here’s a video showing Nora and Melinda working together in the arena:

Rico Finds a Home

We are thrilled to announce that Rico has found a home! After a successful 30 day trial, this handsome boy has settled into his new home and is already part of the family.

Barbara came to SAFE looking for a companion for her horse, Fiona. She was lonely after losing her pasture mate and Barbara knew she needed a friend. When she came out to meet some of the SAFE horses available for adoption, we talked a lot about each of their personalities and who would be the best match for Fiona. Rico stood out in the crowd. Barbara understood right away about treating his stomach irritations to bug bites and was more than willing to take the extra steps to keep him happy in her home.

Barbara had this to say: “Rico has totally settled in and stolen the hearts of the humans and other animals at my farm. He has comfortably explored every corner of the pasture and seems to enjoy playing with Fiona.”

Jessica was kind enough to go visit Rico and get some photos of him in his lovely new home. We look forward to keeping in touch and seeing him thrive with the love and care of a great forever home!


Lacey is All Grown Up

An update from Terry who has been working with Lacey:

We have been working hard in the arena over the last few weeks and Lacey is improving every day! She has been doing a lot better with things touching her hind end. While she still might squeal and kick out from time to time, it has improved a great deal. I can now get the rope tossed over most of the time without a reaction. She is good about grooming, bathing and tacking up. However still needs to be watched because she will still try to bite or kick from time to time. She is my little work-in-progress but she does have a very sweet side to her. She loves to rub her lips on anything soft she can find, like the saddle pad after I take it off of her. She is so mature, I sometimes forget she is just 4.5 years old. She has a very playful side too! We have been playing with the yoga ball in the arena and she loves to chase it and kick it. We have a little soccer pony on our hands for sure!

Yesterday was our first ride into the large outdoor arena, followed by a short little trail ride. She did fantastically outside and was forward and comfortable. Heading up our driveway to the trailhead, she looked at a few things but was brave and kept moving. She was perfect over the bridge for the first time and I was able to stay on a nice relaxed rein the entire time. We saw out first bike on the trail and she reacted but I yielded her hind around as he came towards us and then asked Lacey to follow him as he rode away. This gave her confidence because it made her feel she had made the bike move away from her. I was very pleased at her response. I bet she would be great with cows!

We have some homework to do and lots more miles to cross before she is beginner ready but she is progressing well and a ton of fun to work with. One thing I hope to get help from Joel Conner this weekend at Lacey’s first riding clinic is addressing her reaction and behavior as other horses approach or pass her. With all the other horses in the arena, I will really need to work on correcting her aggressive behavior, and keep her listening to me and not worrying about the other horses. This will be a very important lesson if she every goes to a show or if someone passes us on the trails.

Lacey is not ready for just anyone to come jump on and ride her but would be a great project horse for someone who can see her potential and is willing to put the time into training her. She is very special and I know is going to be a fantastic riding partner in the future. Not to mention that she is cute as a button and loves snuggles!

King, the Beautiful Riding Horse

King returned from training with Joel Conner recently, and we are so impressed with this black beauty! He’s being ridden on a regular basis by volunteer rider Jolene and doing wonderfully, even on the trails next door. He’s become so gentle and willing. King is ready to move on to a new home, and we don’t expect him to stay around too long, so if you’re interested in this horse, submit an application today to come meet him!

Trail horses available for adoption!

Here at SAFE, we are enjoying the wonderful sunshine by exploring the trails at Farrel-McWhirter Park next door. The horses love to get outside and get a break from arena work. Last week, both King and Stevie went out for their first trail rides and did perfect! We had a nice steady group to help them along, with Anderson in the lead and Cameo bringing up the rear. You can bet we’ll be enjoying many warm days this summer walking in the cool forest with these horses. They all are amazing and more than ready for new homes!

Spring Photos with Jewel

Happy Birthday, Phoenix!

Super cute photos from Phoenix and his family Lauren and Bryan. They celebrated Phoenix’s 9th birthday this past weekend and told Phoenix that he is going to be a big brother this fall when Lauren and Bryan welcome their little cowboy into the family. So great to have wonderful updates about this special boy. He has a great life and an all-star adoptive family! Thank you Lauren and Bryan for all the love you give to Phoenix and the support you have for all the SAFE horses awaiting adoption.

Here are a few other photos of Mr. P and his new life!

Photo Update: Cameo