breed: Haflinger
color: Palomino
age: 8 (born 2003)
sex: mare
height: 13.2 hh

Training: Well-broke, with 30 days professional training since arriving at SAFE. Needs a confident, balanced rider, as she is very forward and sensitive.

Lucy, along with another Haflinger pony named Leo, was surrendered by her owner, who could no longer care for her and was going to put both horses down. She is a typical Haflinger, sturdy in stature, sweet in nature, with a thick blond mane and tail. Since coming to SAFE, Lucy’s had one month of refresher training and she is ridden walk/trot/canter in lessons on a regular basis at SAFE. She is well-broke and well-behaved under saddle, but she is a very forward, hot horse, and she is very sensitive to leg aids so she needs a confident, balanced rider. Lucy has been ridden on the trails and seems to love being out in the woods! She has boundless energy on the trails; she’s very hard to wear out! She was also taken on a beach trip by a SAFE volunteer and cantered happily on the sand and in the water. Her primary rider describes her as “beyond fun, and beyond sweet, and will make an absolutely amazing partner for someone.”