How Do I Adopt a SAFE Horse?

  1. Review SAFE’s Adoption Policies prior to contacting a SAFE representative to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for adoption.
  2. Familiarize yourself with all descriptive information, updates and photos provided on our website and on our message board for the horse that you are interested in adopting.
  3. If you have further questions about the horse, send email to
  4. If you decide to pursue adoption, complete and submit an adoption application, along with digital photos of where the horse will be kept (if available). We do require a completed application before the horse will be shown.
  5. A SAFE representative will review your application and contact you to discuss further whether or not this horse would be a good match for your situation.
  6. If there are no concerns raised upon reviewing your application, we will contact you to set up a time to come and meet the horse you are interested in.
  7. If, after meeting the horse, it appears to be a good match for both you and the horse, your application will be processed and a site visit to the facility where the horse will live will be arranged.
  8. Contact your references to make sure they are prepared to receive a call from one of our representatives. We also ask that you give consent to your veterinarian and farrier to release information regarding horse care to us. Processing your application will include contacting each reference and your landlord or boarding facility (if applicable) to ensure that they are able/willing to take on the specific horse and any health/training concerns the horse may have.
  9. Finally, the SAFE contact for the horse will compile a summary of your application, references, evaluation of your interaction with the horse, and the site visit, and submit to the Adoption Committee.
  10. The Adoption Committee will review the information and make a decision in accordance with SAFE’s Adoption Policies and the best interest of the horse. We will then notify you of our decision.
  11. If approved to adopt, you will review, sign and return an original copy of the SAFE Adoption Contract along with any applicable adoption fees.
  12. You will schedule transport of the horse. Limited delivery may be available if you do not have transport of your own, although SAFE does ask for compensation for transport expenses.