Valor and Lisa, photo by Sundee Rickey.

February is a month to share the love. We are pleased to announce our February Volunteer of the Month is someone who we all love to be around, Wednesday PM Shift Lead all-star, Lisa Pascualy. Thank you for all the ways your share your compassion for horses and people, Lisa. And congratulations! Here is some interesting info about Lisa:

How did you first get involved with horses? I assume most SAFE volunteers are like me and have loved horses for as long as they can remember. The first horse of my own, sort of, was “Black”, a jet black gelding of an unknown breed that my older sister brought home from summer camp. I was twelve years old and since my sister was in high school (with other interests) I quickly and happily stepped in as Black’s “owner” and care giver. Black was a little dangerous to ride and was notorious for taking the bit in his teeth and charging ahead at a full gallop. Those were the days when parents didn’t micromanage their kids, and I was able to convince them that we should buy him from the camp for $250. The camp wrangler told me I “drove a hard bargain” and readily (and perhaps a little too quickly) accepted my offer, Unfortunately the vet check revealed that Black’s hooves had two deep vertical cracks and the likelihood of future lameness was inevitable. Sadly, Black went back to the camp the following summer.

How did you find SAFE? I stumbled upon the concept of horse rescue and rehoming on Facebook, My online research took me to another horse rescue organization where I worked for over a year before I discovered SAFE. Initially, I just wanted to be near and care for horses, which I still love to do. However, SAFE’s mission, professional structure, and committed and kind volunteers are what has made me a dedicated and happy volunteer for almost three years. My regular crew of five volunteers on the Wednesday pm shift (Jan, Rob, Ava, Makenna and Jill) are extremely competent, kind and a lot of fun. An added bonus of my work at SAFE is the occasional request I receive to research and answer legal questions around horse rescue issues.

Do you have a favorite SAFE horse? I love to know which horses are people’s favorites at SAFE. and it’s a question I often ask other volunteers. I don’t always have a favorite horse, but  two have stood out over the last several years. Sage, one of my all time favorites, was so sweet and gentle and a little bit like a big puppy dog. l am sure she helped a lot of young humans at the therapy camp where she found her forever home. My current favorite is Valor. I am drawn to the sweet and affectionate horses at SAFE.

What do you do when you are not horsing around with us? When I am not volunteering at SAFE, I dabble with writing children’s stories, manage real estate and travel the globe (near and far).

Are there special people in your life who support your volunteering? My husband and three adult children love hearing about my adventures at SAFE and all but my oldest son have visited and met the horses.