All reports have been glowing for our new riding horses, Hickory and Mesquite. They are both in training with Joel Conner and are coming along well with the work.

As expected, Hickory has been fairly easy with only minimal issues. He is the younger of the two and never really displayed much studdish behavior after being gelded. Hickory will be returning to SAFE with about two months of professional training. In fact, we are hoping to arrange transport home for him within the next few weeks.

Mesquite has been at Joel’s for just a month and will take another month or two of training before he is ready to come home for the volunteers to work with and ride. He was about 11 years old when he was gelded so he knew a bit more of the “stallion life.” But even though Mesquite has been very well behaved on the ground so far, he’s got a lot more to learn before he’s finished with his professional training.

Both boys are already going solidly at walk, trot, and canter. While they are still green, they are ready to be shown to adopters with the skills to handle them at this point in their training. If you are interested in knowing more about them or want to meet them while in training with Joel in Vancouver WA, please fill out an adoption application or email me at These are two very nice, sound geldings who won’t stick around long!