KhiannaVolunteer Rider Erika fills us in on her work with Khianna this past month:

Recently, I started working with Khianna, a sweet, beautiful mare. Though she is a bit wary of new things, and still thinks the flag might eat her, our time working together has helped her feel more secure.  It still takes five to ten minutes for her to feel comfortable, but once she’s calm, she connects very well.

Khianna really looks to please and often turns to face me, anticipating her next task.  When she’s relaxed, she gives me her forehead for some love and seems genuinely happy.

I put a saddle on her recently and she stayed relaxed until I tightened the girth.  Then I got a little sideways eyeball!  She was easily led to the mounting block and stood calmly while I used my arms to apply different amounts of weight in the saddle.  There was no sign that she needed to be elsewhere and I no longer got the sideways eyeball look! 

I’m really excited for the progress we’ve made, especially since it’s been only two weeks!  I look forward to continuing our work together.”