Blanket Bank

SAFE has been blessed this year with an abundant amount of donated used blankets to keep our herd warm and dry this winter. In fact, we have far more than we need. So we would like to offer our surplus rain sheets and winter blankets at no charge to any horse owners in need of a little help. So far it’s been an especially cold and wet winter. If you’re concerned about being able to keep your horses warm and dry, SAFE’s Outreach Team may be able to help.

No qualifying process, no hassle, no questions. Just contact SAFE at Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to provide you with turnout blankets and/or sheets, while supplies last. We want all horses to be warm and dry this season. If we can help your horse, or a horse belonging to a friend or neighbors, please spread the word.

We will have two open distributions days at SAFE in Redmond on Saturday, 12/30 from Noon to 2pm and Sunday, January 7 from Noon to 2pm. Available blankets and rain sheets will be displayed in SAFE’s indoor arena, and volunteers will be on hand to help you find what you need.

  1. Blankets are available only at the SAFE barn in Redmond, Washington. We are not able to ship or deliver and we don’t have pick-up points around the region.
  2. We cannot guarantee that the free blankets are waterproof, however a blanket service such as Blanket Express can waterproof the blanket for a fee.
  3. We’ll always do our best to help people out, but free blankets are available only the scheduled distribution days of Dec 30 and Jan 7.
  4. Questions referred to email:

For more information about SAFE’s Community Outreach Program, please check us out here on the website.

The Blanket Bank is held in memory of Dillon, a horse we could not save. A horse we’ll never forget. Read Dillon’s story here. It does not have a happy ending.