Shasta & Sunny D

Shasta — 2000 chestnut Miniature Horse mare (born 5/5/2000)

Sunny D — 2008 chestnut Miniature Horse gelding (born 11/23/2008)

Shasta and Sunny D were seized by Animal Control in 2011 after a third miniature horse on the same property died from starvation. The two surviving horses had thick furry coats and did not appear to be thin…until you touched them and found that they were actually quite emaciated. Once in SAFE’s care, their health was restored and their bright, sunny personalities started to emerge. We soon discovered that these two little horses were remarkably friendly and calm around people — adults and children alike — as well as other horses and even dogs.

We decided that rather than offer them for adoption, we would keep them and put them to work as tiny Ambassadors for horse rescue, a cause they are perfectly suited for! They attend SAFE events like Heart of the Horse and SAFE Open House days People are very curious about them, and even those who are scared of horses can feel safe around these sweet and gentle minis. Our volunteers love Sunny and Shasta too — especially when they are enjoying some time in turnout where they love to gallop, buck, and roll, making everyone laugh and smile. If you’ve never had the opportunity to meet Sunny and Shasta, we hope you will come to our next Open House and say hello!

Summer Fun with Sunny & Shasta 

What a fun summer we had…and Sunny and Shasta have their own Facebook page now!! Now that all the SAFE horses are settled in at the new barn in Redmond, Sunny and Shasta had the opportunity to get out into the community and make some new friends this summer. A team of…

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Reber Ranch Day 

Sunny and Shasta had such a terrific day yesterday at Reber Ranch in Kent. Reber Ranch has always been such a great supporter of Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) and their customers are always so generous. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi, donated items from…

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Lunar New Year Celebration 

Sunny D & Shasta were greeters at this year’s Westminster Chapel’s celebration of Lunar New Year.  SAFE was asked to be this year’s special animal guests because 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Sunny and Shasta were wonderful greeters to the more than 1,500 people…

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Bucky B Lucky day at the races 

Emerald Downs invited members of SAFE to come down to the track today and set up a table. We asked and were granted permission to bring Sunny and Shasta along for the day as well. It was the mini’s first visit to a race track, but they decided to try their luck at…

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Shasta & Sunny D’s Friends:

1. Debbie M.

2. Linda M.

3. Paige L.

4. Terese J.

5. Wes S.

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Every horse deserves at least ten friends! Even a small monthly donation can make a difference. Plus, SAFE horse sponsors receive discounts at local businesses through the SAFEkeepers program!

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