SAFE Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued horse. We want to ensure that the potential match is the perfect one for both the horse and adopter. This application is thorough, and the information provided will be validated. Please complete all fields, as incomplete applications will take considerably more time to process. Also, be sure to notify your references (especially your vet and farrier) that a SAFE representative will be calling and authorize them to release information to us.

Please keep in mind that we are looking for permanent, lifelong homes for our rescued horses. Typically, horses that are cared for appropriately can live to be 25-35 years of age.

If there are multiple applicants for a horse, adoptions will be based on the “best fit” home for the horse. SAFE reserves the right to disapprove any applicant for any reason, and we are not obligated to share those reasons. Upon review of your Adoption Application, we will contact you to set up a time for you to meet the horse(s) you are interested in. If after meeting the horse(s), you wish to proceed with the adoption, and SAFE also that you are a good match for the horse in question, we will proceed with a site visit and reference checks. Upon approval of your application, you will sign and return the Adoption Contract, along with applicable adoption fee(s), and arrange transport of your horse to his new home.

Please be aware that until you have signed the adoption contract, paid the adoption fee, and transported the horse to your facility, the horse will still be considered available for adoption. We will continue to accept Adoption Applications for that horse up until the point that the adoption is complete. We do not “hold” horses, even for applications in process, and we do not work on a first-come, first-served basis. In the case of multiple applicants, we will choose the adopter we feel is best suited for the horse.

Why Adopt from SAFE?

By the time SAFE offers a horse for adoption, we’ve been through a lot together. We’ve nursed them back to good health and good weight, we’ve spent countless hours getting to know their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes. In most cases, we’ve either discovered past training, or provided training. And we’ve documented and shared the horse’s entire journey from intake through rehabilitation and training, providing a history of that horse. So when you meet a SAFE horse, at least some of the uncertainty about who that horse is has been eliminated, giving you a much clearer understanding of what you’re taking on as an adopter. Hopefully, this will give you a better chance for success with your new equine partner.

As part of our mission, we strive to provide all of our horses with a permanent home and a lifetime of safety. Our Alumni program helps ensure we remain in contact with our adopted horses. And should our adopters ever find themselves needing assistance in the future, we make it a point to always be available for them.

Our adopters are part of the SAFE family and we love to share their ups and downs with their horses. Here is what a few of them have said about the experience of adopting from SAFE and what it means to them to have their horse in their lives:

Kai– Every day with Kai is better than the previous, giving him the opportunity to get used to his forever home has given me the gift of his trust. I can’t imagine life without him and am so happy that I’m his person. – Barbara

Corona– I am so proud of Corona! For the past few years, my good friend and trainer Stephanie Craig has used him to help her youngest riders over their first fences, and has also brought home the blues with her more advanced riders at local shows. He loves his job and his little ones, keeping them safe, confident and successful. Stephanie calls him her most valuable schoolmaster! For me, he perfectly represents what equine rescue is all about; he, like our other SAFE horses, has so much to give!”– Sheridan

Ruby– Ruby’s absolute courage in the face of terrible neglect has fostered a mare that inspires me everyday and as she develops, I see in real time that tenacity turn towards tenderness, trust and teamwork in our training. Ruby is a gem and we are thrilled she is part of our family! Thank you Save A Forgotten Equine (SAFE) and all those who gave her another chance! – Sophie

Ginger– There really are no words. I wouldn’t trade her for her weight in gold. She’s a comedian, a friend, family, and the love of my life on four legs. She has everyone who comes through the barn trained to scratch her under her chin! – Monica

Skye– She is my partner in crime, one of my best friends and just the best horse I could ever ask for. She had such a solid foundation that makes training her a dream, and the trust and bond we’ve cultivated is something incomparable to any horse I’ve ridden. We have a lot of trust and we go out and just play as much as we work and it’s a good balance. – Corrine

Annie– I’m not quite sure who chose who, but Annie and I have a bond that I’ve never felt before with another animal. I think as much as Annie needed me, I needed her as well. She’s my heart horse. – Nicole

Maggie– She comes alive when she is with children- so sweet! We are fully committed ourselves to her. Raven Rock is her forever him. [She] is so kind and patient with our children. –Sandy

Shiloh– I could not have received a better horse then Shiloh! I am truly grateful to SAFE! – Theresa

Amber & Louie – It has been the most rewarding experience to watch the process of each adopted horse settle in to home and open up their hearts to a new life. I’m the lucky one to be included in their “herd”! – Lara

Lucky – Having Lorenzo in my life has been a huge enrichment. He has reminded again me to stop and listen. And so he told me his story. I have never felt such a connection before. Honestly. He is the best horse I could have ever gotten. Sometimes I look at him and cannot believe how beautiful he is and sometimes I’m reminded that he is my dream horse. – Ruth

Kat– Clover (once Kat) is an integral part of my family now. She is a best friend and companion to me, my dog, and she even tries to bond with the chickens! –Susan

Deeds– Living with Deeds is living with a retired athlete who still lives in the glory days of his racing career. We love to sit and talk to him as he repeats those old stories over and over – they get better every time. We especially love it when he will challenge us to a foot race before each meal. His expert training advice has helped us complete multiple marathons. We do love our Deeders!” –Darby