SAFE Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued horse. We want to ensure that the potential match is the perfect one for both the horse and adopter. This application is thorough, and the information provided will be validated. Please complete all fields, as incomplete applications will take considerably more time to process. Also, be sure to notify your references (especially your vet and farrier) that a SAFE representative will be calling and authorize them to release information to us.

Please keep in mind that we are looking for permanent, lifelong homes for our rescued horses. Typically, horses that are cared for appropriately can live to be 25–35 years of age.

If there are multiple applicants for a horse, adoptions will be based on the “best fit” home for the horse. SAFE reserves the right to disapprove any applicant for any reason, and we are not obligated to share those reasons. Upon review of your Adoption Application, we will contact you to set up a time for you to meet the horse(s) you are interested in. If after meeting the horse(s), you wish to proceed with the adoption, and SAFE also that you are a good match for the horse in question, we will proceed with a site visit and reference checks. Upon approval of your application, you will sign and return the Adoption Contract, along with applicable adoption fee(s), and arrange transport of your horse to his new home.

Please be aware that until you have signed the adoption contract, paid the adoption fee, and transported the horse to your facility, the horse will still be considered available for adoption. We will continue to accept Adoption Applications for that horse up until the point that the adoption is complete. We do not “hold” horses, even for applications in process, and we do not work on a first-come, first-served basis. In the case of multiple applicants, we will choose the adopter we feel is best suited for the horse.