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Alumni Update: Aiden

Congratulations to Cooper (Aiden) and his girl Maeve who had a fabulous day at the 4H qualifying show this past weekend. The pair won blues in English and Western Pleasure and took Grand Reserve in bareback equitation! Cooper and Maeve, we are SO PROUD OF YOU!!

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Alumni Update: Whiskey

Whiskey’s adopter reached out to us recently via the SAFE Alumni Facebook group and shared this great picture of the pair on the trail. Therese says that Whiskey is still going strong at age 24, and that they’ve had some great adventures in the high country together. They take it a little bit easier nowadays, but are still having fun out in nature on the trails.  

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Teddi’s Big Day!

Getting prepped Bandaging the leg All done and waking up! Pre-surgery radiographs Melinda with Teddi’s surgery technician, Amy On June 10th, Teddi loaded like a pro into our horse trailer and went for a smooth 5 hour drive to Washington State University. After months of anticipation and preparation, the day had finally come to have the long-awaited surgery to fuse her pastern joint and eliminate the pain of her arthritis. Scheduling conflicts caused us to have to postpone the surgery,...

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Goodbye, Boss Hoss

At the heart of the work that SAFE does is one simple goal: putting a stop to equine suffering. It’s something we have done for every horse we’ve encountered over the years. We’ve removed horses from situations of dire neglect and shown them that there are good people in the world who want only the best for them. And no matter how long our time together ends up being, each horse we save is given the gift of love, care, and peace; a gift that can never be taken from them. We do everything we...

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Glory has been adopted!

We are thrilled to announce that Glory is officially adopted to Melissa N! Matching our horses with the perfect adopter is a big part of our work at SAFE. We are very lucky to have so many wonderful horses but they all have their stories and are at different places in their training. Glory was preparing to have a rider this spring; we had completed all the prep work and she was ready for the first ride. We generally would not adopt an un-started horse but when Melissa came to SAFE we were open...

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Nashville has been adopted!

Finally, we can shout it from the roof tops: Nashville has found a HOME!! This very well-minded mare met a wonderful family and they accepted her for who she is and what she had to offer. Over the last few months this mare had met a few families but nothing came to fruition. When Anna and her husband Tim came across the state to meet Nashville they both fell in love and this deserving mare was a perfect match! We are confident that this pair will grow together with the support of her community...

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Justin has been adopted!

Justin has found an outstanding home with Kim! They are a great pair and Justin has a new brother named Linus. They are all doing well and loving the pasture together! Kim had many OTTB and when she met Justin, she saw in him characteristics of her old partners. His gentle ground manner and thoughtful nature were a big part of why she fell in love with him. She took her time getting to know him at SAFE before taking him home and we are thrilled that everything has gone well since the move. Kim...

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Vibrant Valor and the Case of the Sticky Stifles

(Valor photo by Sundee Rickey) Unfortunately for Valor, his mother, Nashville, did not bless him with strong stifles. Since his arrival at SAFE we have worked to help cure him of his locking stifles (upward fixation of the patella), a condition that can cause a horse’s hind leg to appear to get stuck in place and unable to flex. He has gone through specific rehab programs designed to help him build up strength in his hind end in order to provide more support for his patellar ligaments, which...

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June Volunteers of the Month: Beck Wren and Monique Goodrich

Superstars in the outside world often lead flashy lives and are immediately identified by their flair or outspokenness. At our barn, being a superstar is a more modest gig. SAFE superstars are here every week, rain or shine. They blend in to the rhythm of life here, doing chores with a smile and not calling attention to themselves. This is why we try to shine the spotlight on our dedicated volunteers and thank them regularly. Beck Wren and Monique Goodrich are two of our chore shift...

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Teddi’s Surgery Fund

It was a little more than a year ago that we met Teddi. She came to SAFE as part of a large Animal Control seizure situation involving six neglected horses, and it was clear from the start that Teddi had had a pretty rough go of it. Her eyes were full of sadness. She seemed to believe that no one would ever love her, or treat her with kindness. Thankfully we were able to change Teddi’s mind about people, and with kind and patient handling, she soon realized that she was among friends....

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