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Why are there foals at SAFE right now? Because this year, we rescued three mares who were pregnant. We have not changed our stance against breeding, nor did we have anything whatsoever to do with the breeding of these mares.

One of the three mares came from an Animal Control seizure who removed her and another mare from a situation of neglect and starvation. Her foal was born Sept 1, so she was likely bred in October 2017. This mare was seized by Animal Control on Jan 30, 2018 and was signed over to SAFE on April 15, 2018.

The other two mares came from a large band of 21 horses (including 9 stallions) who were roaming free on a property that was foreclosed upon and resold. These mares gave birth on Nov 1 and Nov 3, which means they were bred in December 2017. We were brought in by Animal Control to help disperse this herd in April 2018. Because they were exposed to stallions, we had to assume that all the mares in the herd were pregnant when we took them, and this was confirmed by veterinarians after they were rescued.


Furthermore, whenever we intake a colt or stallion, that animal is gelded as soon as it is physically possible to do so, and usually before the horse even comes to our farm. The only intact stallion to ever set foot on our farm in Redmond was Valor. He was gelded on August 9, 2017.

So, to recap:

1) SAFE does not breed horses
2) SAFE does not keep intact colts or stallions
3) SAFE does, however, rescue pregnant mares

If you or anyone you know has questions about SAFE and the work we are doing, please ASK. We operate 100% in the public eye, so if there’s something you’re curious or concerned about, just ask. It’s that simple.

Now let’s get back to enjoying those beautiful babies!

Introducing Amira

Amira is a 14 year old mare who was surrendered to SAFE after her owner abandoned her and another horse on a property that could no longer house horses. Amira’s 27 year old companion was starved and had to be humanely euthanized. Amira fared better but she still shows signs of neglect. Her shaggy winter coat hides her weight loss. Her hooves are overgrown and full of nasty thrush. She hasn’t had a dental or any other vet care in years. However, we are told that she is a very well trained…

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Joel Conner Clinic Report: Sage

Melinda C worked with Sage during the recent Joel Conner clinic: I had the opportunity to work with Sage for a groundwork session during this Joel Conner clinic. Prior to this weekend, I had only done groundwork with her a few times when she first arrived at SAFE. She has always been a sweet pony, but when she came to us it was clear that people had not given her many boundaries in her former life. With consistent groundwork she has come a long way in becoming a polite equine citizen. At the…

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Joel Conner clinic update: Nashville

I worked with Nashville for all 3 days of this recent Joel Conner clinic. Every time I ride this horse I like her more and more! During the groundwork portion I focused on getting her to have a better expression. She often pins her ears when asked to do something and Joel helped me work on my energy level and timing to get a change in her. By the end of the session she had a much more pleasant expression and I felt like we made good progress. Since the last clinic, Nashville and I have been…

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Joel Conner Clinic Report: Sienna

Horsemanship volunteer Kaya took Sienna into last week’s Joel Conner clinic. Here is what she had to say about their work together: This clinic was my first time ever working with Sienna! She did so great and I learned so much. There were a couple of moments when Sienna kind of lost track of me and got overwhelmed with the commotion, but I got right to her hindquarters and she quickly settled into a quiet drift and got back to work. I was so impressed with her ability to move past these few…

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Luna and Nova Get Outside

Jessica Farren took these lovely photos of Luna and her filly Nova. The two spend most of each day outside on the grass where Nova loves to run and run and…

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Rae and Mina Outdoors

Jessica Farren took these lovely photos of Mina and Rae enjoying the great outdoors. The mares and their fillies spend each day outdoors on the…

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Two Healthy Fillies Born at SAFE

Exactly two months after the birth of Pippi, we welcomed two new lives into the world! Mina delivered a lovely black filly on November 1, 2018 at 11pm. The diminutive little girl with no white markings was christened “Rae” in memory of our dear friend Raven. Rae is healthy and full of life, and momma Mina is taking wonderful care of her. The very next night, Luna decided she was going to follow in her best friend’s footsteps and have her baby too. She waited until 2:30am to give birth to a…

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Working with Angel

SAFE horsemanship volunteer Kaya works with Angel from time to time, and had this to say about our favorite old gal: Angel is a super special horse. As our friendship has grown, she continues to surprise and impress me. Her ability to immediately find the best way to escape pressure is uncanny and makes my job really easy! Today we went directly into the covered arena instead of working at liberty in the round pen first. I was a little anxious about this, as the big arena adds another level to…

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SAFE 2017 Annual Report
Now available for download!

SAFE 2017 Annual Report
Now available for download!

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