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SAFE Standards: Rescue Capacity

SAFE Standards is written to provide insight into how things get done here at Safe Harbor Stables. SAFE has been in operation since 2005 and we’ve learned a lot about caring for horses in that time…through research, trial and error, and sometimes by making mistakes. We’ll be adding new articles from time to time to share our processes, methods, and best practices with our supporters. If you have a question or a subject you’d like to see addressed in SAFE Standards,...

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Meet Cyrus

As part of our work to support Animal Control agencies in Washington state, SAFE is often asked to take in horses that are part of active cruelty investigations. Sometimes we can make this information public right away, but in other cases, we are asked to keep these horses confidential until law enforcement gives us the go-ahead. Cyrus is one such horse. If you’d seen him when he arrived at SAFE, you would not recognize him today because his transformation has been so stunning. He...

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August Volunteers of the Month: Allison Goldie and Maile Greenwell

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Our mission would be nothing but lofty goals without the boots on the ground that make this mission a reality. We have two special volunteers to recognize this month. They are enthusiastic SAFE supporters, hard working barn chore volunteers, and the kind of people who make other people want to come back to SAFE. Allison and Maile give their free time to SAFE while juggling full time work and full lives. Thank you for all you do for SAFE and...

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Big Horse, Big Hoof: Slim’s Foot Problems

A 17.2 hh draft horse puts a lot of weight on his front feet. So it’s important that those feet stay healthy to help support the horse’s sheer mass. Unfortunately for our sweet Slim, hoof care has been a struggle. It’s unclear whether Slim’s hoof problems arise from a history of poor hoof care or if he’s just one of the unlucky ones prone to chronic hoof abscesses. We will never know for sure. But based on how grown out and cracked his feet were when he arrived at...

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Quality Time with Angel

Angel is living the good life these days. She gets to be in a lovely, large turnout paddock 24 hours a day with her best friend Renee as they do the very important work of being aunties to our three resident babies. Angel takes this role very seriously. She loves the weanlings as if they were her own daughters, she helps teach them horse manners, and she watches over them while they take naps. You’ll often find all three foals napping at the same time, with Angel standing guard over them....

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Progress for Remy

Remy has been working his way back to health slowly but surely. Dr. Meyer of Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital has been seeing him for chiropractic adjustments on a regular schedule, and each time he gets adjusted we see improvement. We are hopeful that this setback is now a thing of the past. When Dr. Meyer first saw Remy, he was incredibly reactive to palpation in his back and sacroiliac (SI) regions. He was clearly in a lot of pain, and he was very protective and on guard when he thought someone...

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SAFE Runs Smoother with the Help of Interns

SAFE has been fortunate to have the help of some kind, capable young people this past school year who chose to spend their time working as interns at the barn. Thanks to a partnership with The Big Picture School in Bellevue, SAFE benefitted from the enthusiastic support of two students this school year, Julien D. and Jenna W. These two outstanding young people brought the best of themselves to the barn and pitched in wherever we needed them. SAFE benefitted from one other generous young...

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Marvelous Mina: First Saddling!

Mina and I have gotten to know each other well, and I think she’s pretty great. I think she truly does feel affection for “her” people. She has the softest, kindest eye of any horse I’ve ever met, and there’s a lot of soulfulness in her personality. But don’t let her borderline-sluggish demeanor fool you, there’s plenty of spunk in this mare I first started doing groundwork with her before our September 2018 Joel Conner clinic. After that, she went on maternity leave for several months. But...

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Foster Update: Dottie Belle

Sweet Dottie is doing very well at her lovely foster home in Woodinville. She has made a few new friends this spring including 2 minis, 3 alpacas, 4 goats, and a flock of chickens! Her SAFE buddy Piper has recently moved home to Safe Harbor for a bit of training and it took a while for Dottie to adjust to this move. Mini horses Dazzle and Bugsy are her main buddies. When Piper left, it took a while to figure out where everyone should be to keep Dottie calm. She needed to see both minis at all...

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