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Marvelous Mina: First Saddling!

Mina and I have gotten to know each other well, and I think she’s pretty great. I think she truly does feel affection for “her” people. She has the softest, kindest eye of any horse I’ve ever met, and there’s a lot of soulfulness in her personality. But don’t let her borderline-sluggish demeanor fool you, there’s plenty of spunk in this mare I first started doing groundwork with her before our September 2018 Joel Conner clinic. After that, she went on maternity leave for several months. But...

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Foster Update: Dottie Belle

Sweet Dottie is doing very well at her lovely foster home in Woodinville. She has made a few new friends this spring including 2 minis, 3 alpacas, 4 goats, and a flock of chickens! Her SAFE buddy Piper has recently moved home to Safe Harbor for a bit of training and it took a while for Dottie to adjust to this move. Mini horses Dazzle and Bugsy are her main buddies. When Piper left, it took a while to figure out where everyone should be to keep Dottie calm. She needed to see both minis at all...

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Millie’s Beautiful Transformation

What a beautiful mare this girl has become. She is gentle, interested, and affectionate with both her new human and horse buddies. While we have many weeks of training ahead before she is ready to adopt, this girl’s future is shining bright. Here are some lovely photos that our volunteer photographer Alessia Rauseo took recently of...

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Teddi: On the Road to Recovery

It has now been a month since Teddi had surgery at WSU to fuse her pastern joint. We’re pleased to report that she’s doing great! Everything is going to plan with no complications so far. Her sutures are out and we are no longer needing to bandage her leg. If you asked Teddi, she’d probably tell you she’s rocking this stall rest thing! She’s as calm as can be and doesn’t seem to mind just standing around all day, with the exception of the twice-daily hand...

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Surgery for Mina

The very first time we saw Mina from a distance, we thought she was a gelding. But when we got a little closer, it became clear that she was actually a mare with an umbilical hernia. Umbilical hernias occur when the abdominal wall around a foal’s navel fails to close at birth. What you see externally is a bulge on the underside of the abdomen. This bulge is tissue and/or intestines being held in only by skin. If an umbilical hernia is small, it is unlikely to cause a problem and can be...

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New Fancy Video

Recently Joel Conner was at Safe Harbor and Casey asked him to jump on Fancy to see how the work she had been doing felt to him. He was very happy to see how far Fancy had come in the last weeks and complemented Casey on a very nice job setting the foundation for this young mare. Fancy is a very willing mare with a lot of try. She is going to have a great future! Joel let us take a quick video of him trying her out. Joel had only been on her one other time back when she was first started, so...

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Joel Conner Clinic Report: Moon

Kaya has been helping us with Moon and recently took this lovely big mare into the Joel Conner groundwork class at Safe Harbor. The two really connected over the weekend and Moon had some great changes. Kaya’s groundwork is improving and she has become a very BIG help to us in our Horsemanship Program. Here is what Kaya had to say about her experience with Moon in the clinic:   “I had the incredible opportunity to work with our massive Percheron, Moon, during the groundwork portion of...

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Joel Conner Clinic Report: Anderson

Recently Kaya has taken over riding Anderson at SAFE. She is doing a great job with him and it is really great to see him take to a new rider. He is keeping up the training and seems as the saying goes “the student has become the teacher.” He has been a good boy for Kaya and no issues have come up with the transfer to a new person. This is helpful for his transition to an adopter and we are hopeful his person is out there and ready to take him on! Here is what Kaya had to say about her recent...

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Training Update: Kat

Kaya has been doing a fantastic job helping prepare Kat for adoption. Kat has gained a ton of weight and has some topline muscle now! She has settled in so well to life at Safe Harbor and her special connection with Kaya is very sweet. We’re glad she has such a great friend to help her feel loved while she is with us. Kat is looking great and ready to be adopted! Here is what Kaya had to tell us about working with Kat: “Kat is coming along so well! Her try is so impressive to me....

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