Breed: 2000 chestnut Quarter Horse mare
Registered Name: Fine China
Type of Rescue: Owner surrender
Intake Date: 8/10/2017
Adoption Date: 4/24/2018
Length of Time with SAFE: 8 months

ADOPTED by the Brill Family of Duvall WA

Cali and her five herdmates were surrendered to SAFE by their owner, who was no longer physically or financially able to properly care for them. The horses were in decent weight but had not had farrier or dental care in some time. Cali came in with a badly broken molar that was impacted and infected, that had gone undetected due to lack of dental care. The tooth was successfully removed by SAFE’s veterinarian. Cali was 17 years old when she was surrendered to SAFE, and we were told by her owner that she had never been trimmed, shod, tied, sacked, or ridden. Considering her rocky start in life, Cali did very well in her new environment with the help of patient handling and groundwork. Cali and her friend Rosie were adopted together by the Brill family of Duvall WA.

Training Update: Cali 

Volunteer Phoebe has been working with Cali and took her into the recent Joel Conner clinic. Here is an update on how things are going: From the Joel clinic: The Joel Conner clinic in November was excellent! I got the gift of working with Cali Jane. She is smart,…

Getting to know Cali 

SAFE Operations Director Terry Phelps has been spending a lot of time recently with the new horses at SAFE. Here’s what she has to share about Cali: This roan mare is really starting to grow on me. She was a bit shy and flighty at first but I’ve found that once she…

Farrier day for the new horses 

Farrier Daphne Jones came out today to work on the badly neglected hooves of our new horses. She was able to trim all of them, except for Angel, who was very reluctant to have her hind feet handled. Daphne worked with her to get her more accustomed to having her hinds…