description: chestnut Quarter Horse mare
registered name: Purty Girl
type of rescue: Snohomish County Animal Control seizure
intake date: 12/28/2015
adoption date: 4/24/2016
length of time with SAFE: 4 months

ADOPTED!! by Kelly A of WA

Tess is one of three mares seized by animal control in Snohomish County after they were discovered hidden in a barn, locked in filthy stalls, and starving. Tess was severely underweight when she was seized, with bad feet from lack of hoof care and from standing in her own waste. The horses were signed over to SAFE in late December, four months after their seizure. Tess made a great recovery and with some refresher training, she was ready for adoption. She found a great home with Kelly and her family, and the pair recently won Champion SAFE Alumni Horse at the 2016 SAFE Show!


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November 5, 2017

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