Ego Afire

description: 1999 bay Arabian gelding with star and hind sock
type of rescue: owner surrender
intake date: 8/18/2011
adoption date: 7/16/2012
length of time with SAFE: 11 months

ADOPTED by the Hochberger family!

Ego Afire was surrendered by his owner on August 18, 2011, along with Brandii Bask. The two Arabs were living up on Mt. Index. Their owner had no money to feed them so he was grazing them up on the mountain for 6 hours a day to try and keep weight on them. Fire was in poor shape when came to SAFE, in need of feed, vet care and with seriously overgrown feet that were starting to curl. He also had a large sarcoid growing out of his right ear, which we had surgically removed. Once he was rehabilitated, we happily discovered that Fire was well trained, and certainly suitable for an intermediate rider. After 11 months in SAFE’s care, Ego Afire was adopted by the Hochberger family, who renamed his Eomer, after the king of the horse lords in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Checking in with Eomer (who you might remember as Ego Afire!)

Just a quick update on Eomer, he is doing great. His sweet personality and riding demeanor has made him an excellent addition to the family. Andrea continues to come out and give us riding lessons, and she agrees that he’s a sweet little guy. 

When Jenny brought River for a visit both him and Eomer got along great. I had intended to get a picture of the two but while in the moment I forgot. Maybe next time!

Thank you for the update on the re-homing policy. I doubt we will ever need to utilize this policy to find him another home, but we appreciate the information.

Here are three pictures of Eomer on our property. The third picture is Eomer having a lesson in our arena, the other two are pictures of us going for a walk-a-bout on around our property.

Karen and Randy

Ego Afire — Adopted!

Ego Afire has been on a foster-to-adopt trial and we are delighted to announce that his adoption became official today! Congratulations to Randy & Karen and their new horse “Eomer”…named for the King of the Horse Lords, from The Lord of the Rings!

Fire update

An update from Fire’s adopters!

Hi, just a quick update on Fire. We had our farrier out on Friday, 6/29 for both Jack and Fire. Fire was just super for the farrier. He stood quietly and Teri, our farrier was very impressed with his good manners. We decided on just a trim this time he is doing better and better with tapping on his feet, but with just the riding here in the arena and on our property his feet looked great without the need for shoes. 

Andrea was out last weekend and rode him first then I hopped on to finish his lesson and he is doing well. I went to ride yesterday morning and our nieghbor’s cows with their new little ones were out. Fire quickly noticed them and was a little excited, but I was very happy with how quickly he was able to settle and pay attention to the ride. 

We continue to work on the bridle and fly mask and he is improving with his head shyness. We can touch both ears without much reaction now it’s just that last little move over the head. We have learned if you just go slow and do one side at a time he is more confident. 

Anyway, we are certainly working with him. FYI; we have been calling him Eomer, King of the Horse Lords, from The Lord of the Rings. He comes right up when we call him. We think he likes it! ;0)

Ego Afire Update

Fire is coming along so nicely! Still working on being balanced at the canter. We love this boy!

Ego Afire in the sun

Thank you to Alexis for these pretty photos of Fire!

Ego Afire in the snow!

Ego Afire enjoying last week’s snowfall

Ego Afire Under Saddle

Ego Afire Under Saddle

An exciting update today — we saddled Fire up and took him for his first ride as a SAFE horse! He was a little nervous at first, but settled down quickly and did really well! He’s turned into such a cute horse, take a look! Video added!

Amazing transformation!

Look at the latest photo of Ego Afire, taken at NWESC, where he’s finishing up his treatment for the sarcoid that was removed. What a handsome fella!!

Ego Afire

Ego Afire

Ego Afire Intake Photos