An update from Fire’s adopters!

Hi, just a quick update on Fire. We had our farrier out on Friday, 6/29 for both Jack and Fire. Fire was just super for the farrier. He stood quietly and Teri, our farrier was very impressed with his good manners. We decided on just a trim this time he is doing better and better with tapping on his feet, but with just the riding here in the arena and on our property his feet looked great without the need for shoes. 

Andrea was out last weekend and rode him first then I hopped on to finish his lesson and he is doing well. I went to ride yesterday morning and our nieghbor’s cows with their new little ones were out. Fire quickly noticed them and was a little excited, but I was very happy with how quickly he was able to settle and pay attention to the ride. 

We continue to work on the bridle and fly mask and he is improving with his head shyness. We can touch both ears without much reaction now it’s just that last little move over the head. We have learned if you just go slow and do one side at a time he is more confident. 

Anyway, we are certainly working with him. FYI; we have been calling him Eomer, King of the Horse Lords, from The Lord of the Rings. He comes right up when we call him. We think he likes it! ;0)