Snowflake appaloosa Evie is certainly striking to behold.

Evie has a little bit of an attitude when asked to move forward, especially going up to the canter. She is also quite difficult to get going, so we are rewarding her try and giving her big releases when she does move out to tell her that she has done the correct thing. Her first experience with the flag saw her very reactive, but she has since realized it’s not a monster coming to eat her. We saddled her, which was relatively uneventful, as it’s clear she’s done this before. She wants to keep you on her right eye, and when you send her to the left, she bananas to the outside and wants to change directions — work with the rope will help with her changing eyes issues, as well as general consistency when flagging her around to ensure she continues tracking the way you send her.

Evie arrived at SAFE quite overweight, and we ran bloodwork on her to test for Cushing’s given that she had quite a cresty neck, which can be a sign of the disease. But her panels came back within normal ranges, so it seems like it was really just a diet that she needed. Now that she is in regular work, that should help her shed some pounds as well.

Evie is nearly up to date on vet and farrier care. She has a dental float scheduled, where she will get a microchip and a teat cleaning. She is up to date on her vaccines. She was also dewormed upon arrival, as she arrived with a positive worm load. She is mostly gentle about being groomed, but has known to be a bit kicky about picking up her hind legs – she has been trimmed once since arriving at SAFE, with her next trim scheduled for the coming week, and 6 week trim schedule set going forward. She gets daily thrush treatments to help combat the thrush all the Graham horses arrived with.

Evie gets arena turnout with buddies Zelly and Henry, where they get to nap and play together.