Evie, the striking snowflake Appaloosa mare who came to SAFE as part of the Graham 27, has found a home

Emily, who has adopted from SAFE before (the late, great Beauty, as well as sweet, blind Bliss) came back to us looking for another riding partner to add to her herd, and was drawn to Evie.

Despite having only been with us a handful of months, Evie was doing well under saddle. Her main issue was an unwillingness to go forward, but during their test drives, Emily didn’t mind Evie’s more woah than go personality, and after several visits, she was ready to take miss Evie home.

There is always a trial period with our adoptions, to make sure that things are meshing well, and the very last question mark for Emily was how Evie would be out on the trails. But after a very successful trail ride, Emily was ready to say YES to Evie for the long haul. She will get to live alongside Bliss and Emily’s other horse, Rocky, for the rest of her days, enjoying green pastures and tons of love. We couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect match for Evie, nor a more ideal end to her chapter with SAFE.

Evie grazing at her new home with her new friends