Introducing our first intake of 2023, Irene! Irene, along with another horse, was living under the care of an owner suffering from dementia. Unfortunately, due to her own condition, the owner was unable to provide for the horses as she once had. Both horses were seniors, and one was suffering from a chronic lameness. It was clear that all parties required assistance. The community surrounding the woman came together, and along with King County Animal Control, we were able to step in and get the horses the help they needed. Irene’s counterpart was laid to rest, putting an end to the pain and discomfort from her lameness, and Irene made her way to SAFE this past Sunday.
An upcoming dental will reveal her age, but it’s probable that Irene is somewhere in her late 20s, maybe even early 30s. In her hay day, she was a tried and true riding horse, and her manners on the ground reflect this – she is amenable to being caught, blanketed, and brushed, and hopped right on the trailer. So far she seems to be settling in well at SAFE.