COLOR: Dark Bay MARKINGS: none
YOB: 2013 AGE: 5 HEIGHT: 15.3 HH WEIGHT:
LOCATION: Foster ADOPTION FEE: On Hold Online Adoption Application

Luna is a lovely big bodied mare who was surrendered to SAFE by her owner who could not care for her. Luna is pregnant and we estimate that she is due to foal in October or November 2018. She’s not had a great deal of handling, so we’ll be working with her to help her learn good manners and prepare for a new life after she has concluded with motherhood.

All SAFE horses are adopted with a no-breeding clause, no exceptions.

Two Healthy Fillies Born at SAFE

Two Healthy Fillies Born at SAFE

Exactly two months after the birth of Pippi, we welcomed two new lives into the world!

Mina delivered a lovely black filly on November 1, 2018 at 11pm. The diminutive little girl with no white markings was christened “Rae” in memory of our dear friend Raven. Rae is healthy and full of life, and momma Mina is taking wonderful care of her.

The very next night, Luna decided she was going to follow in her best friend’s footsteps and have her baby too. She waited until 2:30am to give birth to a tall strapping bay filly that has been named Nova. The delivery went well, and both mom and baby are healthy.





Guess the Foaling Date for Luna and Mina!

Guess the Foaling Date for Luna and Mina!

Do you think you can guess when Luna and Mina will have their foals? We’re going to have a fun contest to see who can guess the closest to the actual birth!

We’ll give a you a clue to get you started. The two mares were both palpated and ultrasounded by equine repro specialist Dr Brandi Hollihan from Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital on April 26, 2018. Here’s what we learned at that exam:

Luna was estimated to be at 175 days into gestation.
Mina was estimated to be at 145 days into gestation.

So, if you think you can accurately predict when the foals will be born, here’s your chance! For a donation of $5 per guess, choose the mare (Luna or Mina), the birthday (including time of birth) and the sex of the baby, which will be used as a tiebreaker. The person with the closest guess for each foal will receive half the pool of money raised by the this fundraiser. The other half will go to SAFE’s Foal to Four Fund.

For a $5 donation, you may enter one guess in the contest. You can enter more than once. The person who is closest to the date and time of the actual birth will be the winner for that mare’s contest. In the case of a tie, the sex of the foal will be used as a tiebreaker.

Good luck!!!!!

UPDATE: Mina is officially on “Foal Watch” status as of Nov 1, so we’re not taking any more guesses for her!! You can still submit guesses for Luna.

Luna’s Getting Closer!

Luna’s Getting Closer!

Right on the heels of Pippi’s arrival, Luna is showing signs of getting closer to foaling. She’s right on track for the predicted foaling date of sometime in October. She has recently started having some mammary development, and she is producing some “milk.” It’s still in the early stages, but it’s a sign that we need to start preparing for another baby. Now that Pippi and Asha have vacated the foaling stall, we’ll be setting it up to welcome our next new addition to the herd. We’re fairly confident that Luna has foaled before, so hopefully this SAFE birth will go as smoothly as the last one!

Mommies to be…

Mommies to be…

Beautiful mares, full baby bellies and a late summer glow were a perfect setting for photographer Jessica Farren to capture this special time in their lives. All three were wonderful models and our herd health manager Melinda, their midwife, helped set the stage.

Good things come in threes

Good things come in threes

Like all good horse owners, we keep close eyes on the weight of our horses. Clearly no one wants to see skinny horses, but a horse that’s overweight can face health problems too. Every SAFE horses has its meals tailored to its weight and health, and we make adjustments as needed to maintain proper weight.

So a few weeks ago, we started to notice that Asha was looking a little round in the belly. We’d recently started to put our horses out on grass for part of the day, so we figured we just needed to make an adjustment to the amount of hay or grain she was getting. But the odd part was that she didn’t really seem fat…in fact, she seemed pretty svelte, every place but her belly. Could she be pregnant? We consulted with Animal Control to see if Asha had been out with a stallion prior to being seized, and they told us they didn’t think she had been. But she seemed to have changed shape practically overnight. So we decided to have her checked for a possible pregnancy.

Dr. Fleck came out and palpated her, and sure enough…there’s a baby in there! Based on her size and how the fetus felt, he guessed that she’s in the last trimester of her pregnancy. Probably around the 8 month mark, give or take. This was confirmed today by Dr Lewis, who performed an ultrasound on our mama-to-be. She told us that we can probably expect her to foal in September.

We have not had a baby born at SAFE since 2008, and now we have three pregnant mares all at once! Luna and Mina are probably due a month or more after Asha. We have no idea when any of these mares were bred, so we may be in for a surprise or two. It’s challenging, because we’d like to be able to vaccinate these mares at the right times so that they can pass as much immune protection to their foals in their colostrum as possible. We will work with our vets to make the best decisions we possibly can and hopefully we will be welcoming three healthy youngsters to the world this fall.

Introducing Mina and Luna

Introducing Mina and Luna

Mina and Luna are the latest additions to the SAFE herd and they are both pregnant. Mina and Luna have been in a vet’s care for 6 weeks and they have made nice recoveries from the neglect they faced in their previous lives. Their pregnancies have been confirmed by ultrasound and we have an approximate idea as to when they are due. Luna’s foal is expected in November and Mina’s about 30 days later. We can’t share their “before” pictures, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the “afters” since they are lovely. Mina and Luna are currently in foster care while we decide where they will be housed for the duration of their pregnancies.

Mina (photos by Jessica Farren)


Luna (photos by Jessica Farren)



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