description: black & white Paint mare
registered name: Ima Black Jag, by Ima Black Jaguar, out of Skips Wrangalet
type of rescue: King County Animal Control seizure
intake date: 4/5/2012
adoption date: 3/15/2013
length of time with SAFE: 11 months

ADOPTED!! by the Christiansen family of Duvall WA

Tilly was seized by authorities due to her extremely poor condition. After taking possession of this mare, SAFE sent her straight to NWESC for care as the starvation and neglect she had experienced put her at risk of serious illness or death. She arrived severely underweight, covered in rainrot, infested with lice, and loaded with parasites. It took two months before Tilly was strong enough to have her teeth floated. Once she recovered from her neglect, we discovered that she was a very good horse under saddle — solid at walk, trot, and canter; nicely forward with good transitions and a good whoa. Not only that but she was very sweet and easy to handle on the ground. We were eventually contacted by a previous owner of Tilly who recognized her from her photos. Tilly is a registered APHA mare named Ima Black Jag, by Ima Black Jaguar, out of Skips Wrangalet by Wrangler. She’s registered as a black tobiano, although she’s actually brown & white. She had extensive training and had been used as a children’s lesson horse. Tilly found a home for life with a local family who were looking for a horse that all of them could enjoy. Daughter Anna is very active in 4‑H with Tilly (along with her good friends who own SAFE alumni Aiden and Mom enjoys trail riding with Tilly too!

SAFE Alumni Update: Tilly (now Emma)

SAFE Alumni Update: Tilly (now Emma)

Here’s an update on Tilly, who is now known as Emma!

The family that adopted Emma planned to let her retire at their home when their daughter Anna went to college. Anna had only been at the University of Idaho for one month when she found a barn to work at in Pullman. She was able to bring Emmy over to that barn. She uses her to teach riding lessons to hunt seat/equitation kids. They tell us, “It’s been so long since we adopted her, I just wanted to let you know that Anna and Emmy are still very happy together.”

Tilly & Moonshine Update

Here’s a great update from foster Jackie L who cares for Moonshine and Tilly:

Moonshine has found a place in my heart. Each morning I stand on the deck and call his name, and he replies with a whinney. Sometimes he runs to the fence to say good morning up close and personal. We are still working on manners and personal space, and I regret to admit I don’t spend as much time with him as I’d like. He is very friendly, loves attention and will walk away from hay to be groomed. He keeps himself busy during the day by annoying poor Tilly. I’ve seen him run through the pasture and circle her to see if he can get her to join him, which she occasionally does. Other times he runs and crashes into her as he stops. Tilly is a patient pasturemate, most of the time. He likes to run the fence and get the donkeys next door to run with him. 

As I said, Tilly is very patient with Moonshine. She appears to be a calm and very sweet horse who likes attention and stands for grooming, no halter needed (fly spray is a different story). She loves her food and hangs around the fence when its feeding time in the afternoon. She spends her day nibbling on what’s left of the grass and fending off Moonshine who constantly nips at her hind legs and tail (boys…). Every now and then she offers a kick as a sign that her patience is thinning.

Moving Day

Last Thursday three lucky SAFE horses moved to their new foster home for the summer. Maggie and Tilly were sent over from NWESC and Moonshine came back from Fire Creek to enjoy life in a big grassy field with friends. The three of them seemed to hit it off quite well. 

Introducing Maggie & Tilly

SAFE has two new horses to introduce to everyone. Maggie and Tilly have been in our possession since being seized by authorities due to severe neglect. We sent these two mares to NWESC right away as they were both dangerously underweight and needed round-the-clock vet care. They were covered in rainrot, loaded with parasites, and infested with lice. It took two months before they were strong enough to have their teeth floated, but now both girls are doing well, and we are getting ready to move them to a lovely foster home where they will enjoy sunshine and a nice pasture while they continue their rehabilitation.

Maggie and Tilly are Mustang/QH cross mares. Maggie is approx 18 years old and chestnut. Tilly is approx 15 and is a brown & white paint.