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A happy home for Skittles

Skittles and Susanne

Skittles and Susanne

We talk a lot about dreams coming true for our horses when we finally get to send them off to their new home, but we’re happiest when an adoption can make a dream come true for the human side of the new partnership as well. Susanne M has supported SAFE for quite some time now as a monthly sponsor, but one day she happened to share with me that at age 65, she had a dream of someday becoming a horse owner. There was one SAFE horse in particular who reminded her of a beloved horse she had helped care for for many years…and that was Skittles. Susanne had wondered if perhaps Skittles was related to her old friend through breeding, and while we couldn’t answer that question, Susanne was able to come to Safe Harbor and start to get to know Skittles a bit better.

When she first brought up the idea of adoption, Susanne remarked that she worried that Skittles might find her boring, since all she really wanted to do was light trail riding and hacking out. We assured her that Skittles would find that sort of life delightful! Susanne and Skittles took their time getting to know each other, including several lessons with Terry and a lot of discussion about Skittles’ special dietary and turnout needs. Throughout the process, we were impressed with Susanne’s thoughtful and careful approach to the commitment of horse ownership, as well as the love and friendship that grew between her and Skittles. Susanne brought Skittles home for a 30 day trial at the start of February as the final step to making this a permanent adoption, and happily, everything has turned out just as well as we’d hoped. Skittles is home.

Susanne tells us that Skittles is loving the beautiful spring weather, and just last week, she watched with joy as Skittles raced around in the sunshine like a young filly! We wish Susanne and Skittles the best together, and we could not be happier to know that in this case, everyone’s dreams have come true!

Emmy veterinary update

Emmy was seen by Dr McCracken at Rainland Equine last week for continuing diagnostics, following the discovery of the OCD lesion in her stifle. The results of these diagnostics were informative but not completely conclusive. Dr McCracken used Rainland’s “Lameness Locator” system to objectively measure response to localized sedation, or blocking. This is important, as it…

Sad news about Emmy

A few weeks ago, Terry was showing Emmy to some potential adopters. She looked fine at liberty and on the lunge line, but when Terry got on her to ride, Emmy pinned her ears and kicked out at her leg…behaving in a way that was very non-Emmy like! Terry got off and checked the saddle…

Nala graduates from training!

Nala graduated from training last week and headed off for Safe Harbor Stables, where she immediately was enrolled in the Michael Sparling clinic! Volunteer rider Lisa G was aboard, and the two of them did quite well together. Lisa says she’s really enjoyed riding Nala so far, and we are so pleased to see that…

Misty is Available for Adoption Again

As excited we are to find potential adopters for our horses, it is always more important to us that the match be right for all involved. Our adoption process is designed to ensure that both the horse and the adopter are right for each other, and we work hard to make sure that both parties…