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July Volunteer of the Month: Erika Stringer!

Erika and Phoenix

Erika and Phoenix

We would like to congratulate Erika Stringer as July’s Volunteer of the Month!

Erika joined the SAFE team about 8 months ago and has become a valuable member since then. Erika volunteers in several positions around the barn. She has a weekly chore shift and will fill in when ever she is able. Erika also donates her time as a volunteer groom and rider on a weekly basis. And she’s always willing to help Terry out when a Barn Assistant is needed. Erika will be volunteering at this year’s SAFE Benefit Horse Show as Terry’s “Show Mom” so if you’re at the show next weekend, stop by the SAFE horse stalls and say hello!

Here is more about Erika in her own words…

I am currently in school to become a nursing assistant, and hope to get into an RN program in the near future. I worked in healthcare for six years before deciding that I wanted to take my career a step or three further. My husband Sean is wonderful and fully supports my return to school, as well as my volunteering with SAFE. We have three cats and one dog, and are currently in the process of purchasing our first house.

I began volunteering with SAFE in December of 2013, after attending the holiday open house. While on the tour of the barn during said open house, I suddenly realized that SAFE is where I need to volunteer!

Currently, my favorite SAFE horse is Phoenix, because he’s teaching me so much! However, I have many other favorites as well: Lucky was recently brought back to be shown, and he is quickly growing on me! I love Skittles, because she talks to me, and I (along with everyone else) love Finn, for all the love he gives!

My experiences at SAFE have all been positive. There have been many times that I wish I could be at the barn all day, but unfortunately my own pets wouldn’t be so willing to sacrifice me. There are so many fantastic things about being a part of this organization, but to keep this short, here is just one: The volunteers — everyone I’ve worked with is happy to be there, and has the best interests of the horses at heart. I’m so glad to be on such a great team of people and horses!

Thanks for all you do for the horses and the humans, Erika! We are so luckily to have you as one of our volunteers!!

Getting to know Emmy!

Emmy’s been at SHS for two weeks now, and she’s become everyone’s favorite girl! She’s tall and beautiful, but she’s also a sweetheart who is kind and willing and just plain nice to be around. Here are two updates that Terry shared with us last week: Big day for Emmy– 1st time lunging with a girth…

Is there such thing as a horse that’s too easy?

Owen is always teaching me things, which makes interacting with him such a joyful experience. His smarts and his willingness make our sessions a lot of fun. He takes most everything he’s asked to do in stride…he always tries and he hardly ever overreacts. Which led me, a few days ago, to make a pretty big…

Emmy Intake Photos

Welcome a new horse to SAFE! Emmy was seized by Pierce County Animal Control after she was discovered abandoned on a property with a huge herd of starving pigs and cattle. While the owner of the animals was identified and charged with cruelty, he apparently fled the country, so we have no background information on…

Stella is learning!

Stella is learning to pick up her hooves softly without kicking. The rope allows us to desensitize her and get her used to picking up her feet at a distance where the handler can stay safe. She’s come a long way in the two weeks we’ve been working with her. By the end of this…