Introducing Lisa Garr, Weekend Barn Manager at Safe Harbor

As SAFE grows, we continually find ourselves wanting to do more for the horses in our care. Compared to even just three years ago, the amount of daily activity and labor at Safe Harbor has easily doubled. Every day we have volunteers cleaning stalls, throwing hay, and bagging grain…turning horses out and bringing them back in…grooming, blanketing, and wrapping legs…soaking hooves and soaking beetpulp…repairing, re-organizing, and reworking the barn…training new volunteers…handwalking and handwalking and handwalking the injured…the list goes on. And there was just a single SAFE employee in charge of all this activity: Operations Director Terry Phelps-Peddy. Terry started at SAFE as our Barn Manager, and did such a fabulous job that we decided to promote her! Trouble is, we forgot to replace her as Barn Manager! So for the past year, she been doing double duty…an unsustainable situation, to say the least.

So it is with great joy and relief that we introduce Lisa Garr, who has joined the staff as a part time Barn Manager. Lisa works at Safe Harbor from Friday to Monday, providing consistent management and care for our horses and volunteers through the weekend. Lisa brings a great deal of experience to this role, and is already making a big impact on the running of the barn. She’s been critical to organizing and managing the extra care that Anakin requires, and knowing that she is on site through the weekend gives us all a great deal of confidence that all is well on the farm when we’re not there.

Lisa has been volunteering at SAFE for two years, and it was clear from the very beginning that she had a lot to offer this rescue. As a volunteer, Lisa acted as an Assistant Barn Manager two days a week, as well as being one of our hardworking volunteer riders. And if that weren’t enough, she also donated her time and talent as a photographer to help promote the rescue and bring in valuable donations.

With the addition of Lisa as a part time employee, we know that SAFE can keep right on providing top quality care for the  horses and a great volunteer experience as well. Welcome Lisa, and thank you for signing on to this new adventure!


PS. If you are looking for the perfect photographer to capture a portrait of you with your horse, take a look at Lisa’s work! She has photographed several SAFE alumni with their new owners, and the results are stunning. And Lisa will donate a portion of her fees on portrait sessions that come to her via SAFE! Visit www.garrphotography.com to learn more!

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