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Recent SAFE News

Ruby — Before and After

Ruby is having a great summer living out in pasture at her foster home. Her foster mom, Jackie, calls Ruby a very sweet girl who is friendly, curious and loves attention. Jackie says she wishes she could let her in the house so they could watch chick flicks and snack on carrots together!

Check out Ruby’s amazing transformation since she was rescued in April:

Ruby Before:


Ruby Today:


Catching up with Karma

The new girl, Karma, was taken straight to NWESC after we picked her up from Pierce County Animal Control. We were concerned about some edema on her chest and belly, as well as the slightly snotty nose she was exhibiting. Since NWESC is better set up to quarantine a horse, we thought it best to…

The joy of Cameo

What a joy this little mare is becoming! I had some really lovely quiet rides on Cameo this month. She can still be quite the four year old handful but she has a new peace about her and ground work is helping her find that more and more. Once she gets rid of the excess…

Great news about Phoenix!

Handsome Phoenix – lovingly referred to by his friends at SAFE as our overgrown golden retriever puppy – is staying sound and happy in his rehab. As you know, he was diagnosed with a left front high suspensory tear in January. As far as we could put together, this injury was quite old so any acute treatments would not be…

Finn Update

As we talked about in his last update, Finn needed some special treatment and thanks to Jake Cowden, he has been able to get the shoes he needs to feel great. We gave him a few weeks after the first set of shoes to getting used to moving in them. When we trotted him out,…