Happy Help A Horse Day!

April 26 is officially ASPCA Help a Horse Day! SAFE officially celebrated last Sunday with a huge Open House Celebration at our new home in Redmond.

Huge thanks to the over 400 people who joined us on Sunday for the End Hunger Games at SAFE. Our volunteer team walked guests through 13 Districts where they learned about each step in the horse rescue process – from rescue and rehabilitation, feeding and care, through to adoption and a new forever home!  Each district even had 2 horse tributes from our herd, but the tour started with a rousing greeting from the wondrous Effie Trinket (aka SAFE Executive Director Bonnie Hammond) to explain the day. This event was important in so many ways…it was an opportunity to show off our new Redmond home, meet some of our new neighbors, and have a fun and educational day as we compete for part of $100k in grant money from the ASPCA for Help a Horse Day 2017. We even had participation from our friends at Little Bit, Rainland Farm, Olympic Forge, Snohomish Search & Rescue and King County Animal Control, each explaining what they do in their work with horses.

There was lots of interest in volunteering, which we just love, and over $3000 donated during this three-hour event. Eleven kind supporters even signed up to become new SAFEkeepers as part of SAFE’s monthly horse sponsorship program. You can join them by making a donation, becoming a SAFEkeeper sponsor, or joining us a volunteer. Just visit www.safehorses.org and click on 8 Easy Ways to Help for all the links.

If you weren’t able to visit, our next open house in Sunday June 25th from 12-3, so mark your calendar. Until then, enjoy a few photos from the event (photo credits to Jessica Farren Photography) and wish us luck as we prepare our submission to hopefully win the $25,000 grand prize! Any additional donations or horse sponsorships made by April 30th do count towards this event.  As always, thanks so much for all of your support!


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