COLOR: Brown & White Pinto MARKINGS: Blaze    
YOB: 2003 AGE: 18 HEIGHT: 10.2hh WEIGHT: 400lb 
LOCATION: Redmond ADOPTION FEE: $300 Online Adoption Application  

Billy has had an interesting and challenging life thus far. We’re told he was used as a bucking horse, and the numbers branded on his croup indicate this is likely true. He was purchased from an auction earlier this year, and then taken in by another family two months ago. They were not been able to catch him on their four acre goat farm. Unfortunately Billy and the goats did not do well together and his owner didn’t have the experience to help him.

Billy is a very brave boy but he clearly was mistreated in the past. He’s friendly and fairly easily catch in a small area, but he definitely doesn’t want to be touched on his hind end. Billy’s right eye has a blind spot, but it’s not painful and he seems to have enough vision to manage well. He has no medical history so we’re starting from scratch. He’s gotten his first set of vaccines, a dental, and a hoof trim.

Billy Has Come So Far — Foster Video Update

Billy Has Come So Far — Foster Video Update

Billy has come so far in the 8 weeks he has been with his foster family. Julie has been hard working hard. Here is a couple videos she sent to us.

He is ready for a family to adopt him who can continue the great work he has been getting with SAFE. He is not suitable for kids, is shy at being caught and loves other horses.


Training Update: Billy

Training Update: Billy

Foster “mom” Julie has been putting time in gentling Billy and her work and consistency is paying off! We’ve seen some significant changes in him. With patient groundwork, his fear is decreasing and he is learning to trust. While Billy’s education will likely be an ongoing project, the improvements we’re seen over the past few weeks are encouraging. That said, his ideal adopter would be able to continue working with him and establish trust in their relationship.

Alumni Sophie & Foster Billy

Billy has also been turned out with Julie’s full-size mare and the two get along very well. Billy is a sweet boy and you can see that he is starting to enjoy the connection with his handler. Julie also has a young daughter that has been spending some time with Billy. We recommend that all small children are watched carefully when near horses, but we’re happy to report that Billy is getting use to the sight and sounds of a little one. He is cautious but pleasant around her.

Billy Settles In

Billy Settles In

Billy seems to have settled into his new life at SAFE. He’s so quiet in his stall, you could walk right by him with noticing he’s there! He loves his salt block, his meals of timothy and doesn’t seem to mind that volunteers are always fawning over him through his stall window. Billy is still a little timid and he gets very uncomfortable about changing eyes on people and anyone going near his hind end, but he’s warming up to being caught in his stall and leads like a gentleman. Soon he will be off quarantine and will get a nice paddock to run around in! Maybe even a little friend to play with! Little Billy has stolen our hearts, that’s for sure!

(photo by Candi Kintzley. Casey working with Billy in the perfect light.)

Welcome to SAFE, Billy!

Welcome to SAFE, Billy!

Billy came into SAFE last Tuesday thanks to the help of driver Jane Ostrom Millar and pony wrangler Ian LeFae. He is a 2002 model (18yrs old). Pony type, brown and white paint 10.2h gelding. His R
right eye has a blind spot, not painful. He has vision and manages well. He has no medical history so he will get all his vaccinations and have them boosted a month afterwards.

This week he had his 1st set of vaccines, a dental and sheath cleaning this week. And met with our awesome farrier Daphne today. He was a very brave boy but clearly mistreated in the past.

Behavior is scared and shy to be touched on his hind but friendly and fairly easily catch in a small area. He is quiet and content in a stall and not stressed. He may have been used as a “bucking” horse for kids to ride and was bought from an auction earlier this year. He was then taken in by a young family 2 months ago. They had not been able to catch him on their 4 acres. Unfortunately he and the goats where not doing so well together and the young woman who owned him knew she didn’t have the experience to help him.

He will finish his 21 day Quarantine on Tuesday November 10th.




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