Foster “mom” Julie has been putting time in gentling Billy and her work and consistency is paying off! We’ve seen some significant changes in him. With patient groundwork, his fear is decreasing and he is learning to trust. While Billy’s education will likely be an ongoing project, the improvements we’re seen over the past few weeks are encouraging. That said, his ideal adopter would be able to continue working with him and establish trust in their relationship.

Alumni Sophie & Foster Billy

Billy has also been turned out with Julie’s full-size mare and the two get along very well. Billy is a sweet boy and you can see that he is starting to enjoy the connection with his handler. Julie also has a young daughter that has been spending some time with Billy. We recommend that all small children are watched carefully when near horses, but we’re happy to report that Billy is getting use to the sight and sounds of a little one. He is cautious but pleasant around her.