Billy came into SAFE last Tuesday thanks to the help of driver Jane Ostrom Millar and pony wrangler Ian LeFae. He is a 2002 model (18yrs old). Pony type, brown and white paint 10.2h gelding. His R
right eye has a blind spot, not painful. He has vision and manages well. He has no medical history so he will get all his vaccinations and have them boosted a month afterwards.

This week he had his 1st set of vaccines, a dental and sheath cleaning this week. And met with our awesome farrier Daphne today. He was a very brave boy but clearly mistreated in the past.

Behavior is scared and shy to be touched on his hind but friendly and fairly easily catch in a small area. He is quiet and content in a stall and not stressed. He may have been used as a “bucking” horse for kids to ride and was bought from an auction earlier this year. He was then taken in by a young family 2 months ago. They had not been able to catch him on their 4 acres. Unfortunately he and the goats where not doing so well together and the young woman who owned him knew she didn’t have the experience to help him.

He will finish his 21 day Quarantine on Tuesday November 10th.