Four new mares Tennessee walked into SAFE last week: Zuri, Bailey, Cleopatra, and Deja Vu.

Their story is one of neglect, as is so often the case with our new intakes, but as they were seized by out friends down at Pierce County Animal Control, they have been in very good hands since they were first rescued. The girls were all tremendously thin before they were taken, with body condition scores in the 1–3 range. Cleopatra, who was in the best shape (a relative term), had only held on to her little bit of extra weight by being food aggressive. No horse should have to fight for a meal.

For the last few months, they have been rehabbing down south, but last Friday made the trek up to SAFE. So far, everyone has been settling in well here, enjoying at least five meals a day, and getting to know the routine and the volunteers who already adore them.

Zuri and Bailey are the two matrons of the group, neither a stranger to being handled. Word is that they were show horses, once upon a time, and they do have a ‘been there, done that’ worldliness about them.

Zuri on seizure

Zuri is likely 30, and was in some of the worst shape of them all. She has gained a significant amount of weight over the course of her time at foster, but there is still visible evidence of her pointiness. She has a history of colic, so we are keeping a close eye on her eating and bathroom habits (a standard across the new intake board, of course, but something that we are making sure to pay extra attention to given what we know). She is so far curious and friendly, and will greet you vocally — especially if you come with food.

Bailey is also 30 or above, and has a history of laminitis that has led to some significant rotation in her front feet, particularly her left. Bailey’s hooves were in terrible condition in general, so managing her overall comfort has been a high priority. She has been living in soft ride boots, and taking daily equioxx, both of which have been helping some. But she doesn’t let her feet stop her from being a sassy lady!

During her intake photoshoot, Bailey was quick to remind us that she would much rather be chowing down on her alfalfa, thanks very much. She is a hoot!

Cleopatra on seizure

Cleopatra is 20, and as previously mentioned, looks the best out of the four. Despite her food aggressiveness with other horses however, she is rather shy around humans. While she does allow you to halter and touch her all over, she is clearly uncertain at times. It will be wonderful to see her come out of her shell a little once she settles in more here at SAFE.

Deja Vu on Seizure

Deja Vu, so named because of her physical similarity to Cleopatra, follows her doppleganger’s personality thru-line as well, being perhaps the most wary of the group. Still, she is not untouchable by any means, and allows for haltering and blanketing, but is definitely hyperaware of everything that is happening. Though we do not know if Cleo and Deja have riding backgrounds, signs point to ‘no.’

All four ladies are settling in well at SAFE, where they are growing used to the rhythms of this place. One thing is for sure, they already know the sound of the food truck!