2006 bay Morab mare 
Type of Rescue: Owner Surrender 
Intake Date: 2/5/19
Adoption Date: 8/5/21
Length of Time with SAFE: 1 year, 9 months

ADOPTED!! by Diana and Adam

Pearl and her brother Alder were rescued from a neglectful situation as yearlings. Their rescuer did her best to care for them, but physical limitations led her to seek a new home for them. They came to SAFE to enter our training program and get the best possible start in life. Pearl was a lovely, well built young mare with a lot of potential. We lightly started under saddle, but after a lot of discussion among the staff, decided she would live a happier life as a companion horse.

Pearl and Abby are Adopted!

Pearl and Abby are Adopted!

Pearl and Abby are adopted together! We found them a loving family with Diana and Adam. The two get to live out their days as best friends with two humans who adore them. Their gorgeous property is up north in Everson Washington. When Kaya, our Barn and Facilities Manager, dropped the two off, she was so excited to see their beautiful home in person. She jokingly told Diana we would be bringing another trailer of horses soon.

It is a bittersweet experience when our horses are adopted. We are ALWAYS very excited to see them head off into their new life, but we miss them! Which means we are very excited when adopters send us updates and photos and we hit the jackpot with updates on these two! Diana loves these mares so much, her Instagram is full of videos and photos of the two enjoying breakfast, or waiting for it, taking in the views, and just being stinking cute. The staff looks forward to seeing weekly, and sometimes daily, updates on these mares because we see the love they are surrounded with each day with Diana and Adam.


Pearl is Becoming a Riding Horse

Pearl is Becoming a Riding Horse

Pearl had her first ride at the Joel Connor clinic a couple of weeks ago! She isn’t bothered by having a person on her back and took to it easily. Here’s what Kaya had to say about her:

Pearl has come a long way since being at SAFE, but still has a long way to go before she’s a gentle riding horse. She has a hard time supporting her weight with her hind end. She needs to be able to do this so she can be balanced and confidently move her front end. Helping Pearl find balance will make her less nervous because she will be able to move away easily from things that trouble her.

Right now, Pearl is the boss mare in a herd of 5 youngsters, all under 4 years old. She keeps everyone in line and teaches manners. They all adore her. 

Pearl: Ready to Ride Soon!

Pearl is a lovely 12-year-old Morgan Arabian cross who is ready for her first rides later this month. She is a smart and sensitive mare who will make a very nice riding partner. She’s had no health or behavioral problems since she came into SAFE late 2019.

Pearl will be available early July as a riding horse. She has a lot to offer and we hope to find her a perfect match wanting a nice mare to add to their family! Fill out an adoption application at

Pearl Portrait Update

Pearl Training Update

Pearl Training Update

Volunteer horseman Phoebe T has been working with Pearl. Here’s her report on their progress:

I’ve never worked with a Morab before, and Pearl has me sold on the combination!! She is SOOO smart! She is definitely a willing partner and has gotten accustomed to the flag, learning a soft feel & a one rein stop from the ground. Also backing up — from a heads up fearful, to a chin tucked, soft, response, once she understood what I was asking. What a fun mare to work with!!! She will be a gem for sure.

note: the photo is actually Casey working with Pearl

Getting to Know Alder and Pearl

Getting to Know Alder and Pearl

Our two new bay beauties, Alder and Pearl, have settled in well to their new digs at Safe Harbor Stables. We have taken the first step in separating them, and they are now in two individual but neighboring paddocks. We never know how that first step will go when two horses have been together for as many years as these two have. But they barely missed a beat and went right on with their business in their new paddocks.

Separating Alder and Pearl is not only useful for building their individual self-confidence levels, but also for maintaining proper body weight. Alder has proven to be an easy keeper, a trait that is not uncommon among the Morab breed. We are able to put him on a more restricted diet now that he is not with his sister 24/7.

Both horses seem to be quite healthy and sound. Pearl toes in a little bit so she’ll likely be better as a light riding horse than an endurance prospect. Alder has an old wound on his right hind leg that has resulted in a large scar, but we haven’t seen any signs of lameness from it.

These two are going to be fun to work with. They are both sweet and enjoy interacting with people. Pearl is a little standoffish at first, but she warms right up. They’ll soon be getting underway in our horsemanship program with groundwork and working toward being started under saddle.