Pearl and Abby are adopted together! We found them a loving family with Diana and Adam. The two get to live out their days as best friends with two humans who adore them. Their gorgeous property is up north in Everson Washington. When Kaya, our Barn and Facilities Manager, dropped the two off, she was so excited to see their beautiful home in person. She jokingly told Diana we would be bringing another trailer of horses soon.

It is a bittersweet experience when our horses are adopted. We are ALWAYS very excited to see them head off into their new life, but we miss them! Which means we are very excited when adopters send us updates and photos and we hit the jackpot with updates on these two! Diana loves these mares so much, her Instagram is full of videos and photos of the two enjoying breakfast, or waiting for it, taking in the views, and just being stinking cute. The staff looks forward to seeing weekly, and sometimes daily, updates on these mares because we see the love they are surrounded with each day with Diana and Adam.