SEX: Gelding BREED: Quarter Horse type REGISTERED NAME: none
COLOR: Dark Bay MARKINGS: Star, LH and RH socks
YOB: 2006 AGE: 12 HEIGHT: 14.2 WEIGHT:
LOCATION: Redmond ADOPTION FEE: TBD Online Adoption Application

Roscoe and his friend Teddi were seized by Animal Control and signed over to SAFE. Both horses were malnourished and thin, with severe rainrot. Roscoe came to us pretty thin, but we can tell that once he’s healthy and starts getting some exercise, he’s going to be a TANK! He’s very sweet and social, and is doing well with his ground work. He’s just an all around likeable horse, and we have high hopes for him.

Roscoe: Horsemanship Clinic Report

Roscoe: Horsemanship Clinic Report

Volunteer rider Lisa G rode Roscoe in last month’s Joel Conner clinic and had this to report:

I worked with Roscoe in the riding portion of the recent Joel Connor Clinic, and we made much progress.…. and found many things to continue to work on! Roscoe has always had a hard time moving his forequarters around and engaging his hind end, so we focused a lot on this; getting a smooth rhythm going while transitioning from moving the hindquarters to moving the front quarters under saddle. Roscoe did well carrying a soft feel at the walk and trot, and showed improvement in his engagement, carrying it briefly in the canter. We worked quite a bit on Trot-to-Canter transitions, carrying the canter (not falling out of it), and staying in the correct lead at the Trot for successful transitions. For my part, I tried to be clear, consistent, and punctual in my cues so that our combined finesse may improve; there is still room to grow, but overall, Roscoe did very well in the clinic and, as much as he may have gotten from the weekend, I think I got much more- and not just from Joel! Roscoe helped clarify some details of the work to me, is helping me with my timing and finesse, and is walking, trotting proof of a horse with a huge amount of heart and try.

Teddi and Roscoe Training Update

Teddi and Roscoe Training Update

A nice update from volunteer rider Lisa G about Teddi and Roscoe:

Teddi is improving greatly in her groundwork. I slowed down and let go of my timeline expectations for her after the March clinic, and lifting that unconscious pressure has really helped our progress! There were several days that I simply didn’t have time to get into anything too troublesome (and therefore help her out of her trouble spots), so we spent several sessions working on Super Basics: being caught, lowering her head, leading, releasing forward instead of bracing back, and sometimes just getting groomed with extra mane scritches. When I did get back into my scheduling groove and revisit groundwork and the flag, Teddi was much more willing to search for an answer that differed from her “freeze and hope it goes away” and “squirt around sideways as fast as possible!” go-to’s. She is still troubled by the flag but is quick to calm down and move her feet after a couple initial boot-scoots, she is softer and more punctual in giving to lead pressure, and she straight-tied BRILLIANTLY this week! I so love this sweet little mare!!

Roscoe: The first few times I rode Roscoe in the arena a couple weeks after he was re-started in the March clinic, this guy was GA-LUED to the gate. I mean, I would ask him to walk forward on a right track, bend in a one-rein stop, and he would hold a 90° bend to the right while falling sideways to the left, toward the gate. There were a couple of times that I fully expected us to crash and burn… and this was at the WALK! Ride #1 we got a quarter of the arena length away, stood quietly, and called it a day. After that, I basically offered him this choice: “you can face or move toward the gate if you insist, but you’re going to have to WORK… or you can face AWAY from the gate and get a break.” MOVING away from the gate got a break and pets and praise. He caught on quick! He still tends to bow toward the center when we are moving away from the gate, but now I offer him a lively inside leg backed by an outside rein, and if he still blows through my aids (less and less!), we get to WORK!! We are working on soft feel at the stop and walk, and he is getting more and more responsive to my seat, requiring less leg all the time. It’s like once he figured out that first step away from the gate on day one was ALL I WANTED on day one, he’s been more and more willing to try. Roscoe was SO bull-headed at first, I really didn’t think he’d be so willing to change so fast after however-many-years of having to push through everyone and everything to protect himself. I am SO IMPRESSED by this big guy’s heart! 😊❤

Roscoe and Teddi Updates

Roscoe and Teddi Updates

Volunteer rider Lisa G has been working with Roscoe and Teddi on the ground, preparing them for Joel Conner’s visit on March 15. Lisa is using the flag and the coiled rope to help them get more comfortable being touched and moved about. Here are her reports on their progress:

Feb 17:
Roscoe and Teddi both did great this morning! Got the coils all over Roscoe, he was a little nervous at first, but settled right down. threw an open loop over his back, and only had one butt-tuck-Boot-Scootin-Boogie moment when the end went under his belly and wrapped in between his back legs… But he settled down through that too, and the next few times it happened, it was totally fine. I’ll work more on those and getting it around his girth area on Monday. Teddi got settled to be able to do lots of C shapes with brushes of the flag and lots of hindquarter yield with the flag nonchalantly coming into the shoulder and back out. With the CRAZY wind, they both worked in the covered arena and did well in the new space. Good ponies!

Feb 28:
Another great day with these two! Got the rope all over Roscoe, backed him into the loop, was fine with it around his girth area and flanks. Even moved his front across with the loop around his girth! Only had one little moment of squirting forward, when I dropped the rope off of his rump for the first time, and it was around his hocks. Each time after that he was fine. Still a little uncertain about the coils on his bum, but settles into it just fine. Teddi did great with the flag, still started with it way far away, then coming into her shoulder, then c Shape/ squeeze exercise… But ended the day with several circles and hindquarter yields with the flag coming in nonchalantly to touch her shoulder and back. Lots and lots of licks and chews!

Mar 7:
Roscoe: saddled last night in the indoor, worked on the line, did fine. Turned him loose (saddled) in the round pen today, worked until he moved off calmly and kept him moving through his, “we’re done, mmmm-kay?!” turn-in moments until he was listening to my feel. Almost fell on his face a couple of times, picking up the trot.… but not his feet!! … and tripping himself LOL! He obviously needs lots of balance and hind end strengthening work. Other than that, he did great… He did knock me over when I was grooming him, brushing his front leg. Something spooked him, and he shouldered me over, then immediately jumped back away from me. Totally not his fault, not my fault, just a freak thing… But we do need to work on him keeping out of our space, on the line and when he is coming into the center at Liberty. He’s a creeper! 😝😂❤

Teddi is coming along great! Loads loads better with the flag, can’t wait to hear what you think when you work her tomorrow. Today got to a point where she was doing C shapes, accepting the flag flipping over her back at the withers, coming into the shoulders, brushing over her bum, and coming into the chest, all calmly– including changing eyes and moving her front across. We got going calmly both ways a couple of times and I stopped. I really really like this little mare! 🤓

15 Days at SAFE: Roscoe

After 15 days at SAFE, here is Roscoe. Photos by Jessica Farren.

Teddi and Roscoe Intake Photos

Teddi and Roscoe arrived at SAFE in mid January, after being in Animal Control custody for three weeks. When they came to SAFE, we were asked by Animal Control to keep quiet about them because of the legal case against their former owner. Both horses were quarantined here for three weeks to protect them as well as the other horses here at SAFE. They were treated for rain rot, dusted for lice, fecal tested, and examined by our vet. When they arrived, Roscoe in particular was still very thin, but they are bouncing back with a steady diet of hay, grain, and supplements. Here are the pictures taken not long after their arrival at SAFE:


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