breed: 2001 black & white Paint mare
type of rescue: Pierce County Animal Control seizure in 2011, returned to SAFE in 2013
intake date: 11/2/2013
adoption date: 5/2/2014
length of time with SAFE: 6 months

Status: ADOPTED by Sandi N

Savannah is a lovely mare who has been through a lot in her short life. In March 2010, Skagit County Animal Control seized this starving mare, and turned over to a now-defunct local horse rescue. She was rehabbed and placed into a new home. Unfortunately, conditions in her new home deteriorated, and once again, Savannah was seized by Animal Control, this time in Pierce County. PCAC turned her over to SAFE in October 2011. SAFE adopted her to someone who had been part of her initial rescue who promised her a safe home for life. But our attempts to contact Savannah’s adopter for a follow up visit earlier this year were unsuccessful, and we soon discovered that Savananh had been rehomed without our knowledge. We discovered that Savannah had been given away to a teenager who was now unable to keep her and graciously allowed us to take her back. Savannah has fibrotic myopathy, a mechanical lameness that affects the appearance of her gaits but is not painful. Her particular case of fibrotic myopathy is fairly severe, and puts a lot of strain on her back and hips, making it uncomfortable to carry a rider. So we determined that Savannah would do best as a companion horse. Savannah found her forever home with a SAFE volunteer who fell in love with this sweet, loving mare while spending time with her at our farm.


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November 5, 2017

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