Quarter Horse
COLOR: bay MARKINGS: snip, LF white to above ankle with dark spot on outside coronet, white spot on front of LH coronet    
YOB: 2002 AGE: 20 yrs old HEIGHT: 14.3 HH WEIGHT: 1064 lbs
LOCATION: Redmond, WA ADOPTION FEE: TBD Online Adoption Application  

This beautiful big quarter horse mare, Bijou, came in with Sebastian after they were found abandoned at the Tree Farm in Arlington. Snohomish County Animal Control posted publicly looking for their owner. No one came forward and no brands where found, so they were released to SAFE for rehabilitation. Bijou is around 20 yrs old, very sweet and has hopefully been a riding in her past but we will determine that after we bring her back to health. Our plan is to get her in shoes as soon as we can to help her poor pancake hooves!

All SAFE horses are adopted with a no-breeding clause, no exceptions.

Bijou in the Round Pen

Bijou in the Round Pen

It’s been a busy first few weeks here at SAFE since Bijou arrived. Now off of Quarantine, she had her first set of vaccines, dental float and microchipped. She also got a lovely pair of front shoes from our farrier and was a super star for it! Here is a short little video of our first day working a little with her in the round pen. She is very gentle, kind and has a wonderful disposition. We are looking forward to assessing her for riding and making her available for adoption!



New Horses, Sebastian and Bijou!

New Horses, Sebastian and Bijou!

Sebastian and Bijou were found abandoned at the Tree Farm in Arlington. Snohomish County Animal Control posted publicly searching for their home, but after no one came forward, they were released to SAFE. Bijou is a 10 year old Quarter Horse mare who is very sweet and may have been a riding horse in her past. Her hooves are very flat and we hope to schedule a visit with the farrier soon to fit her for shoes.

Our newest senior gelding, Sebastian, is a 20 year old flea bitten grey Arabian who has some medical concerns. His legs and sheath are swollen and we are waiting to hear back on bloodwork from our vet to determine the best medical plan going forward. Right now, the two are in separate paddocks next to each other, but are most often are found standing right next to each other in their shelter keeping an eye on one another. Recently our staff gave them both a bath and they were perfect angels for it. We look forward to learning more about their individual personalities as we bring them back to health.






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