As the days slide along and we begin to cruise into the summer months of long sun and warm weather, as the ground dries up and we ask ourselves ‘mud? What mud?,’ as we open our pastures and slowly introduce our herd to grass, the horses make the transition to living outside 24/7.

For a horse like Bijou, who spent the time she was in her stall (and not nose down in her food) with her head hanging out the window, you will hear no complaints from her about the loss of four walls and a cushy floor. These long summery days see Bijou posted up by the perimeter fence in the paddock she shares with three other mares. Even with full lay of the land, Bijou has always preferred to hang out by the fenceline, making her friends come to her versus going to them. But most days, you will find a gaggle of napping girls beneath the Bijou shade tree, or in her relative vicinity. She is somewhat of a lone wolf, this is true, but when the gates to their pasture open, she is one of the gang as they rip around the field before finding the perfect spot to begin their graze. And when they return back for the afternoon, they have been known to share a communal drink at the watering hole.

Bijou bides her time waiting for a forever home. It’s hard to get a good photo of her because of how investigative she is. Not as much an “in your pocket” horse as she is a “head in your lap” type of girl. She’s a mare who enjoys human interaction, who seeks out a pet on the face. She can be opinionated, sure, but all the best horses are multifaceted.

Until Bijou finds a forever home, she will continue to spend her days at SAFE alongside her horse and human friends, dreaming of a summer in a home to call her very own.