Kirsten L. worked with Bijou in the September Joel clinic, and had the following to say about her experience:

With a fitting name of French origins, Bijou means a rare gem and that is certainly the case for this 20 year old mare indeed. She shines both in appearance and attitude. Her muscular image makes her seem much younger and quite capable of holding her own. And then her willingness to learn and try also implies a youthful spirit.

In the groundwork classes she caught on quickly to leading on a float, backing and changing directions/eyes. She listens well while leading and is ever attentive from either side. Needless to say, she is easy to catch, can be brushed all over and is getting better with front feet cleaning.

Next steps include cleaning back feet, trot while being led, working with a flag and gaining a pleasant willingness to yield the hind and cross over the front,s as well as hooking on in the round pen.

Bijou has won the hearts of many, many volunteers at SAFE. When you meet Bijou, you will find an extremely kind and cuddly mare that won’t take your eyes off you. You also won’t take your eyes off her. She IS a gem.”