Sara H worked alongside Bijou in the groundwork sessions in the November Joel Conner Clinic, and had the following to say about their time together!:
“Who says old horses can’t learn new tricks? Bijou is a sweet and sensitive old gal who recently spent several days learning to move her feet with balance. This is a tough ask for a 20 year old mare who is heavy on the front, but she’s full of try and worked hard at it every day. While she still has a bit of a challenge moving her hind end out when going to the left, Bijou is smart as a whip and quickly grasped the concept of release, evidenced by her frequent licking, chewing, and overall releases of tension from within her big, beautiful body. Over the course of the 3‑day clinic her ears softened, she started developing a bend at the barrel, and her feet became more free each day. Next to work on is front quarters and the ability to pivot smoothly on a back leg. I have no doubt, however, that with a little effort from her future adopter she can become as soft as a cozy fleece blanket on a wet winter day.”