SEX: Mare BREED: Halflinger /Quarter Horse cross    
COLOR: Chestnut MARKINGS: none    
YOB: June 2015 AGE: 4 HEIGHT: 14 WEIGHT: 888 lbs.
LOCATION: Redmond ADOPTION FEE: $2200 Online Adoption Application  

Fancy’s Story

Fancy and her herdmates were seized by Animal Control after being starved and neglected by their owner. Fancy and her friends Glory and Justin, were signed over to SAFE on March 13, 2018. They came from the same place as Roscoe and Teddi, who were also taken away from their owner by animal control. We believe that Fancy was sired by Bowie, the Haflinger stud who was also seized from the property. After regaining her health and good weight, Fancy was saddled at SAFE and worked lightly in the roundpen. She was turned out for the summer and brought back to SAFE in the fall to be started under saddle.

Fancy Today

Fancy is an athletic and curious mare. SAFE Horsemanship volunteers prepared her well for riding and she was started without any problems. She’s uncomplicated, trusting, and has a great work ethic. This is a VERY nice mare with great confirmation and a bright future. She is currently available only to homes with experience with young green horses. Her adoption fee will increase with training. 

Fancy’s First Clinic

Fancy’s First Clinic

Fancy is growing into a beautiful young mare with tons of potential and promise. She is will continue working with SAFE to establish the foundational riding work before being made available for adoption. These early months of riding are key to laying the groundwork to insure a future without trouble. Casey has done a masterful job guiding this mare through the process and she’s created one fantastic riding horse.


Here is what Casey had to say about working Fancy in her first horsemanship clinic:

Fancy has been coming along really nicely, and she did amazingly well in her first clinic setting in September. Though she did get a bit bothered when the energy picked up around her, I was able to keep her out of trouble. Moving her hind quarters is soft, and she’s really developed fluidity when she comes across in the front. She is a very forward-thinking horse, so I’ve had to go back to working on having her feel of me to go down through transitions from trot to walk, but each ride I see improvement. I’m starting to pick up on two reins to get a soft feel which is coming along, but she is a bit braced when backing. Under saddle, she can be a bit opinionated, but that spark makes her a great partner. On the ground, she is very respectful, and the volunteers often comment on how well-mannered she is to be around in her paddock and to lead in and out. Fancy has been a great teacher.

New Fancy Video

Recently Joel Conner was at Safe Harbor and Casey asked him to jump on Fancy to see how the work she had been doing felt to him. He was very happy to see how far Fancy had come in the last weeks and complemented Casey on a very nice job setting the foundation for this young mare. Fancy is a very willing mare with a lot of try. She is going to have a great future! Joel let us take a quick video of him trying her out. Joel had only been on her one other time back when she was first started, so it’s been Casey who has put all the rides and training on her. She looks amazing!

New Photos of Fancy

Stella and Cameo Meet the Cows and Fancy Gets Started!

Stella and Cameo Meet the Cows and Fancy Gets Started!

We enjoyed an amazing 3 days working with Joel Conner in Ellensburg. Our goal was to get the first rides on Fancy and give Stella and Cameo experience off property. We did that and so much more.

I’m impressed by how well-prepared Fancy was for her first rides and what a peaceful and understanding experience Casey gave to her. She was relaxed and accepting of a rider without issue. She made big changes each day and it was a perfect way to introduce her to carrying a rider. She going to be a phenomenal mare with a very bright future!

Stella blew us all away with her mad cow horse stills! She’s a natural, brave and took right to it! Huge changes in her soft feel and finding a serious stopping power in her hind end!! She is gets right to work off site and settles in to it like she’s at home. Such a gifted mare and Casey has done a fantastic on taking her through the snaffle bit…I dare say I can see her going to the hackamore by the end of the summer!!

Cameo lived through the cows and with Joel’s help got close enough to move them on her own. So much to still sort out for this mare but the experience was perfect to help her issues with leaving and disconnecting. She looks and feels like a completely different horse as this Horsemanship work helps her let down. Balanced, connected and content this mare is going to make it!

We can’t thank Joel enough for his guidance and encouragement. Joel, your support of SAFE, our mission and our horses in inspiring and is such a gift to our community. Thank you for helping us create better lives for our horses and changing the way people see a rescue horse!!

Joel Conner Clinic Update: Fancy

Joel Conner Clinic Update: Fancy

Casey had this to say about Fancy and how she did at our recent Joel Conner clinic here at Safe Harbor:

Fancy and Glory returned from foster recently, and Terry and I worked them in the clinic this weekend. They retained the foundation that we had put on them over the summer, and Joel was able to identify some holes that we need to work on before we start them under saddle. With Fancy, I will be working on getting her more comfortable with the rope, changing eyes, and getting a more balanced transition between hindquarters and forequarters. Fancy is athletic and has a great work ethic. I’m really enjoying working with her and learning from her.

Fall Fun with Fancy and Glory

Fall Fun with Fancy and Glory

Glory and Fancy are enjoying the first days of fall at their foster barn. They made a new friend named Guinness and together they get plenty of exercise! Glory and Fancy will return to SAFE at the end of October so that we can prepare them to be lightly started under saddle in mid-November. They will have groundwork and light riding through the winter. These young ladies will be slated for more training next year as they approach 4 years old in 2019.

Glory and Fancy, Growing up!

Glory and Fancy, Growing up!

These babies are growing up to be beautiful young mares! The two thin fillies covered in rain rot that we met in March who didn’t want to be approached or touched are gone. Casey and I have been laying the foundation for their first rides later this year. At the last Joel Conner clinic, he helped us saddle them for the first time and left us with lots of homework to keep getting them relaxed and comfortable with the work.

Fancy is very curious about new things. She is very athletic and smart. Overall she has taken to the work with little issue and is very trusting. Casey has done a wonderful job supporting her in this process and setting her up for great success. Glory has been a little more closed off than Fancy. She is has some hesitations but once she frees up her feet she is soft and content with the work. Both have been a pleasure to get to know and introduce to becoming future riding horses.

We have decided to let them have the last few months of summer out on pasture before coming back this fall to begin as riding horses. They were moved this week to our friend Jackie’s farm where they have lots of room to move, run and play!

Welcoming Justin, Glory, and Fancy to SAFE

Welcoming Justin, Glory, and Fancy to SAFE

Justin, Glory, and Fancy were seized from their owner by Animal Control due to starvation and neglect. A few months earlier, Animal Control seized Roscoe and Teddi from the same person. The three are regaining the weight they lost, and are being treated for rain rot and other skin problems. Justin is 14 years old and may have been started under saddle already, but we’ll be handling him like an unstarted horse and starting his training from scratch. Glory and Fancy are both about two and a half years old. All three horses are in poor condition, but they’re all very cute and we look forward to getting to know them better.









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