SEX: Mare BREED: Arab cross REGISTERED NAME: none
COLOR: Sorrel MARKINGS: Blaze, RH sock
YOB: 2012 AGE: 6 HEIGHT: 14.2 HH
WEIGHT:  957 lbs
LOCATION: Redmond ADOPTION FEE: TBD Online Adoption Application

Teddi and her friend Roscoe were seized by Animal Control in Snohomish County and signed over to SAFE. Both horses were malnourished and thin, with severe rainrot. Teddi appears to be an Arab cross, possibly Quarab. Teddi is very sweet, but it’s clear she’s been treated very roughly in the past. She has scarring on her muzzle, and her general demeanor is often a heartbreaking combination of fear and sadness. But she’s a good girl who nickers for her hay, and seems open to reconsidering her views about people. SAFE volunteers are giving her the kind and patient handling she needs to let her know that she is in a good place. She’s going to be a wonderful horse. All SAFE horses are adopted with a no-breeding clause, no exceptions.

15 Days at SAFE: Teddi

After 15 days at SAFE, here is Miss Teddi. Photos by Jessica Farren

Teddi and Roscoe Intake Photos

Teddi and Roscoe arrived at SAFE in mid January, after being in Animal Control custody for three weeks. When they came to SAFE, we were asked by Animal Control to keep quiet about them because of the legal case against their former owner. Both horses were quarantined here for three weeks to protect them as well as the other horses here at SAFE. They were treated for rain rot, dusted for lice, fecal tested, and examined by our vet. When they arrived, Roscoe in particular was still very thin, but they are bouncing back with a steady diet of hay, grain, and supplements. Here are the pictures taken not long after their arrival at SAFE:



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