We are beyond thrilled, ecstatic, delighted, and overjoyed to announce that our long time volunteer Casey has adopted Fancy! This is a dream adoption come true! Casey started volunteering at SAFE back in 2012: cleaning stalls, leading a chore crew, and helping work horses. She was here before Terry! Not only has Casey been a huge part of helping our horses prepare for adoption, coming 4–5 times a week after working a full-time job, but she also offered Saturday horsemanship introductions to our volunteers who wished to expand their horse skills. She has personally financed many SAFE horse’s further education by participating in clinics at home with Joel Conner and offsite with mentor Buck Brannaman and others. She and her husband Mark even made a “How to Halter a Horse” video for our volunteers. Casey’s commitment to SAFE is incredible and we are so lucky she is part of our SAFE family.

Fancy arrived at SAFE in March 2018, untouched and very shy. Through our horsemanship program, Casey has been there supporting her since the beginning. She prepared her for riding and helped put the first ride on. The first year of Fancy’s riding career wasn’t the easiest. She is a wonderful mare with a lot of try but also has a very sensitive side and a big motor behind. Casey has skillfully and thoughtfully brought this young mare along. The beautiful picture you see when Casey rides is a true testament of her patience and grit. Fancy could have ended up with a lot of trouble without such a tactful and committed handler. We are grateful for all the horses Casey has helped during her time with SAFE and elated that she is able to hold Miss Fancy Pants close to her heart and continue to develop her into a lovely mature riding mare.

As if this adoption story couldn’t get any better, Fancy will need buddies at her new home, so Casey and Mark have offered to continue working SAFE horses and foster them as they grow and prepare for adoptions. First up is Frosting, an 11-month-old Mustang! Like a lot of horses who come to SAFE, Fancy’s story was similar to Frosting’s, both had been seized by Animal Control for severe neglect. The two got to know each other at SAFE before heading to Casey’s. Frosting was in love with Fancy from the start, following her big sister around and clacking “I’m a baby!”. Now they spend their days getting grass time and keeping each other company while living with the best human family any horse could imagine.

Check out the video of Casey and Fancy teaching our volunteers to properly halter a horse: