description: 2015 Haflinger cross mare
type of rescue: Animal Control Surrender
intake date: 3/13/2018
adoption date: 2/9/2019
length of time with SAFE: 11 months

ADOPTED!! by Melissa N of Dayton WA

Glory’s Story

Glory and her herdmates were seized by Animal Control after being starved and neglected by their owner. Glory and her friends Fancy and Justin, were signed over to SAFE on March 13, 2017. They came from the same place as Roscoe and Teddi, who were also taken away from their owner by animal control. Glory is the daughter of Bowie, the Haflinger stud who was also seized from the property. After regaining her health and good weight, Glory was saddled at SAFE and worked lightly in the roundpen. She was turned out for the summer and brought back to SAFE in the fall to be started under saddle.

Glory Today

Glory grew into a cute 3‑year-old mare with a lot of potential and was adopted in February 2019. We were lucky to find Melissa to help her grow and mature into a saddle horse with an appropriate training program.

Glory has a great foundation thanks to SAFE volunteers, who brought her along in the round pen and lightly under saddle. She was a pleasure to get to know, and we’re looking forward to updates from Melissa on Glory’s progress!

Glory has been adopted!

We are thrilled to announce that Glory is officially adopted to Melissa N!

Matching our horses with the perfect adopter is a big part of our work at SAFE. We are very lucky to have so many wonderful horses but they all have their stories and are at different places in their training. Glory was preparing to have a rider this spring; we had completed all the prep work and she was ready for the first ride. We generally would not adopt an un-started horse but when Melissa came to SAFE we were open to the idea of letting her go before she was ridden.

Our hesitation in adopting out un-started horses is that we have seen many cases that these horses do not get the training they need. Why should a horse be started under saddle? Even if you are not going to use the horse for a riding partner, teaching them this skill helps in case you are ever in a situation where you are forced to rehome your horse. They have a better chance finding a home if they had riding in their past. Also lightly starting a horse at a younger age is MUCH easier than an older horse. Take it from us, it’s much easier to get the first rides on a 3–4 year old than a 11–14 year old! Part of our mission is a promise to give the horses a lifetime of safety. By making sure they have all the training and education we can provide, we are giving them a foundation that will protect them from neglect in the future.

Melissa knew that she was a capable rider but also wanted to give Glory the foundation that will make her a wonderful riding partner. She decided to take Glory directly to Nick Donohue’s place and have him put those critical first months of riding on her.

Recently Melissa contacted us and was beaming after her first rides on Glory. She said that she loves her temperament, willingness and forward movement. “She is going to be a lot of fun…My main focus is to ensure that I can continue to support her and grow with her after her time with Nick.” Melissa is doing it right! And we are thrilled to have found such a conscientious owner for Glory that knows the importance of a good foundation and is preparing support both for Glory and herself as they grow into a brilliant riding pair! This is a great example of both rescue and ownership done right!

Fall Fun with Fancy and Glory

Fall Fun with Fancy and Glory

Glory and Fancy are enjoying the first days of fall at their foster barn. They made a new friend named Guinness and together they get plenty of exercise! Glory and Fancy will return to SAFE at the end of October so that we can prepare them to be lightly started under saddle in mid-November. They will have groundwork and light riding through the winter. These young ladies will be slated for more training next year as they approach 4 years old in 2019.

Glory and Fancy, Growing up!

Glory and Fancy, Growing up!

These babies are growing up to be beautiful young mares! The two thin fillies covered in rain rot that we met in March who didn’t want to be approached or touched are gone. Casey and I have been laying the foundation for their first rides later this year. At the last Joel Conner clinic, he helped us saddle them for the first time and left us with lots of homework to keep getting them relaxed and comfortable with the work.

Fancy is very curious about new things. She is very athletic and smart. Overall she has taken to the work with little issue and is very trusting. Casey has done a wonderful job supporting her in this process and setting her up for great success. Glory has been a little more closed off than Fancy. She is has some hesitations but once she frees up her feet she is soft and content with the work. Both have been a pleasure to get to know and introduce to becoming future riding horses.

We have decided to let them have the last few months of summer out on pasture before coming back this fall to begin as riding horses. They were moved this week to our friend Jackie’s farm where they have lots of room to move, run and play!

Welcoming Justin, Glory, and Fancy to SAFE

Welcoming Justin, Glory, and Fancy to SAFE

Justin, Glory, and Fancy were seized from their owner by Animal Control due to starvation and neglect. A few months earlier, Animal Control seized Roscoe and Teddi from the same person. The three are regaining the weight they lost, and are being treated for rain rot and other skin problems. Justin is 14 years old and may have been started under saddle already, but we’ll be handling him like an unstarted horse and starting his training from scratch. Glory and Fancy are both about two and a half years old. All three horses are in poor condition, but they’re all very cute and we look forward to getting to know them better.