These babies are growing up to be beautiful young mares! The two thin fillies covered in rain rot that we met in March who didn’t want to be approached or touched are gone. Casey and I have been laying the foundation for their first rides later this year. At the last Joel Conner clinic, he helped us saddle them for the first time and left us with lots of homework to keep getting them relaxed and comfortable with the work.

Fancy is very curious about new things. She is very athletic and smart. Overall she has taken to the work with little issue and is very trusting. Casey has done a wonderful job supporting her in this process and setting her up for great success. Glory has been a little more closed off than Fancy. She is has some hesitations but once she frees up her feet she is soft and content with the work. Both have been a pleasure to get to know and introduce to becoming future riding horses.

We have decided to let them have the last few months of summer out on pasture before coming back this fall to begin as riding horses. They were moved this week to our friend Jackie’s farm where they have lots of room to move, run and play!