2016 Chocolate Palomino Pony of America mare
Type of Rescue: Animal Control Surrender
Intake Date: 1/5/21
Adoption Date: 7/24/21
Length of Time with SAFE: 7 months

ADOPTED!! by Jane and Eric

Breve and two other horses were seized by Animal Control after a 5th horse on the property died due to neglect. The survivors all suffered from overgrown hooves, lice, malnutrition, enormous worm loads, and lack of dental care, causing painful ulcerations in their mouths. Breve is a small pony (11.0hh). She’s a lovely chocolate palomino with a pretty blaze and one white foot.

Today: Breve has been adopted along with Checkers by Jane and Eric. We think Checkers may have been Breve’s mom since they came from the same herd. Now the two live on 21 acres, with people who love them and will never have to worry about food or medical care again.

Breve and Checkers are Adopted!

Breve and Checkers are Adopted!

Checkers and Breve might be mother and daughter, but the two ponies didn’t arrive at SAFE at the same time. Their previous owner hid four more ponies on their property after Animal Control came to seize the initial group. A few weeks later, AC discovered there were more ponies and eventually the whole herd ended up at SAFE.

Breve arrived at SAFE first, along with Sundae and Razin. Checkers came later with her 6‑month-old baby, Minnie, plus two more pony stallions. The whole herd needed a lot of attention. None of them were used to being haltered or even handled by people. Their coats were matted, they were malnourished, and they were in bad need of a dental and a visit from the farrier, but first we had to get them used to people! Checkers seemed to be the most outgoing of the adult ponies and understandably a little protective of Minnie. Breve kept her distance and seemed to give comfort for the littlest pony, Razin, who followed her around. Eventually they all entered the horsemanship program and figured out that humans aren’t so bad and just like that we had a plethora of cuteness at the farm.

Jane and Eric live on 21 acres and their daughter recently moved, taking her pony, Ruckus (a SAFE Alumni!) with her. They needed to fill their beautifully restored 4 stall barn so they came to meet Breve and Checkers. They visited a few times to get to know these two and were extremely excited to take them home. Last month, Breve and Checkers headed to their new home. Their barn doors even have an extra opening for pony sized necks to look out! Now Checkers and Breve will live happily ever after together and maybe one day have a few big horse buddies in the other two stalls next door.

A Whole New World for Breve

A Whole New World for Breve

Breve went to foster for a month of training with Julie, one of our amazing fosters. When Breve first arrived she met Julie’s horse, Sophie, who chased her around like a kid going after an ice cream truck. However, Breve was so good and never pinned her ears and even let Julie easily catch her off the grass when it was time.

Here are some photos Julie shared about Breve’s first outing into the big world on a 2.5 mile trail walk. First, Julie easily caught her, even with a really chatty toddler on her back. Then, they took a walk around the neighborhood. Breve started off looking and calling out for her new friends, but after the first mile she was hunting the trail with her neck swinging and walking out.

Julie said “Cars, landscape trailers, goats, garbage cans, dogs, kids, puddles, there were no miss-steps! I’d be pretty impressed for any youngster, as urban living leaves a lot to get used to… let alone one that was wild not that long ago!

We all are impressed this little mare takes everything in stride and is excited about new experiences. Breve is now back at SAFE and sharing a turnout with another pony, Billy.

The Three Little Horses

The Three Little Horses

Razin, Sundae, and Breve have been doing wonderfully at SAFE. All three have progressed greatly and are learning what it is like to be loved and to have human friends. Their haltering skills are continuously improving, and they even did well for their first farrier appointment! Breve only got two of the four feet done, but it is a great start. We were impressed with how well Sundae and Razin did!

Razin has been an excellent patient for the vet recently. During a recent vet visit we had a blood sample taken to help determine if he was a gelding or not. Surprisingly, the results came back inconclusive! After a second vet visit and an ultrasound, it was determined Razin had NOT been gelded and his testes had not descended. This is a unique condition, making Razin a cryptorchid. This condition can be treated with surgery which is only slightly more invasive than a traditional gelding. Now that we know Razin is not a gelding, he has been separated from the mares. He has a nice little set up right next door to his friends.

Four new faces (or 16 new hooves) at SAFE

Four new faces (or 16 new hooves) at SAFE

On January 5, 2021, we welcomed four new horses to SAFE. These three ponies and one full sized mare had been seized by Animal Control after a 5th horse on the property died due to neglect. The survivors all suffered from overgrown hooves, lice, malnutrition, and lack of dental care, causing painful ulcerations in their mouths. They also have enormous worm loads, which we are treating careful to rid them of while avoiding an overload of toxins to their systems. The four horses seized are:

Valentine, a 16 year old grade mare, who suffered a laceration over her right eye during transport. Our vet was able to stitch the wound cleanly, and Valentine won our hearts right there and then with her kind and calm demeanor during the process. She is a good-sized mare who seems quite gentle, but we can’t tell for sure if she was a riding horses in the past or not. She’s very cute, with a huge blaze and a bright chestnut coat. Getting to know her will be an enjoyable process!

Sundae is a brown and white pinto pony with two blue eyes. She is estimated to be 25 years old. She’s reluctant to be touched, but she’s curious, so it probably won’t be too long before she comes around. Sundae will be offered as a companion. She’s a small pony, standing 11.0hh.

Breve is also a small pony (11.0hh). She’s a lovely chocolate palomino with a pretty blaze and one white foot. She’s estimated to be 4.5 years old, so she may have a future ahead as a riding pony. She’s also pretty shy, a little more so than Breve, but she’s getting accustomed to being caught and handled. 

Razin is the smallest of the group at 10hh and he looks very much like a baby, but his teeth show that he’s at least 4 years old. He looks like he might be a cross between a pony and a mini horses. He’s very dark bay with a bleached mane and tail, a star and snip, and two socks on his hinds. Razin is not down with being caught or touched, but he’s already learning to be haltered and led. He’s got a lot of energy. He may be suitable for carrying a small child at some point, but he might do better as a cart pony.

Our new charges are settling in well. We were informed by Animal Control that their old owner had 4 more ponies hidden on his property, including two pony stallions, a pony mare, and a 6 month old. He has surrendered these to Animal Control, so they are likely to be arriving at SAFE by the end of this month.